Academic Governance

The University operates a deliberative committee structure in relation to its academic governance. Academic Board is the ultimate authority for academic matters and it has established a structure of committees and boards to devolve specific responsibilities to.

Committee Structure

The academic governance committee structure is as follows:

This flow chart consists of a top box with the heading Board of Governors. There is an arrow from this leading to a box with the heading Academic Board. From this there are nine arrow leading to the Academic Planning Committee, the Academic Quality Enhancement Committee, the Learnbing & Teaching Committee, the Research and Innovation Committee, The Faculty boards, the Honorary Awards Committee and the Graduate School Board of Studies. There is an arrow leading from the Academic Quality Enhancement Committee to the External Examiners Sub-Committee and the Progression & Award Boards. There are three arrows lfrom the Learning & Teaching Committee leading to the Employability Sub-Committee, the Student Experience Sub-Committee and the Regulations Review Sub-Committee. There are three arrows coming from the Research and Innovation Committee leading to the University Research Ethics Sub-Committee, the Research Degrees Sub-Committee and the Human Tissue Management Sub-Committee. There is one arrow leading from the Faculty Boards explaining the the Committees that between them cover the following remits: Academic Quality & Enhancement, Academic Planning, Learning & Teaching, Research, Staff Student Consultative Forum and Programme/Subject Boards all feed into the Faculty Boards.

Academic Governance and Quality Assurance has a broad responsibility for academic governance matters, including its operation, review and enhancement. Processes are reviewed annually and subject to approval by Academic Board. More information on the governance of the University and its key governing documents and policies can be found on the Board of Governors webpage and the Strategies and Policies webpage.

Further information about academic governance at Edge Hill University can be found in Chapter 8 of the Quality Management Handbook.

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