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Students with children

Supplementary Student Finance grants for parents

You may be eligible for extra grants from Student Finance through the following supplementary allowances:

These extra parental grants are not available for courses that are funded with the Postgraduate Masters Loan.

More information about tuition fees and financial support for postgraduate students

How to claim the student finance childcare grant

To apply for a Childcare Grant, please follow these steps:

Apply online as part of your main Student Finance application.

  1. Send in evidence to Student Finance. You’ll be told what evidence you need to provide when you apply. Normally this is evidence of having a child such as a birth certificate.
  2. Student Finance will then update your account and state the amount of the Childcare Grant awarded for the year.
  3. You can then create an online account with the Childcare Grant Payment Service (CCGPS). You’ll will receive an email with instructions on how to create an account. The grant will be paid into this account.

Applicants may use the paper form instead if they:

  • have already applied for student finance but didn’t apply for a childcare grant at the same time
  • wish to apply for another child

You can download the form from the Student Finance form finder.

Studying and having a child

If you are considering taking some time out to have a child, you can find out more about the options available to you online or by visiting the UCAS website, where they have put together a range of information for students with parenting responsibilities.

If you already have children when you join your course, you can find a registered childminder in your area via

Helpful information

Universal Credit

In some situations, lone parents that are studying may be able to apply for Universal Credit (UC). This benefit is income tested against the undergraduate Maintenance Loan and, if eligible, the Adults Dependants’ Grant. 

Further information on who may claim Universal Credit, how the Special Support Element works with UC, and what further income allowances UC use for the maintenance loan and the postgraduate loan can be found below:

The NHS Training Grant

NHS pre-registration healthcare courses that are eligible for the Training Grant also have the option of a non-income tested Parental Support Grant.

Find out more about the options available to you

Wellbeing support

The Wellbeing team can support you with a variety of issues that may be impacting on your wellbeing.

Visit the Wellbeing team

Contact us

The Money Advice team offer virtual and telephone appointments, which can be booked 72 hours in advance. Appointments are for 30 minutes. If needed, a follow-up appointment will be arranged. The team can offer guidance on all money-related matters including student funding, they can help with personal finances and provide advice on the Student Support Fund.

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