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Student Support Fund

The Student Support Fund provides non-repayable discretionary awards and emergency support to assist students in financial difficulty, who might otherwise be at risk of leaving their courses because of financial hardship.

The 2023/2024 new application opening and closing dates for the Student Support Fund are detailed below.

It is currently taking four weeks to process Student Support Fund applications from the date that all required evidence has been submitted. We may require specific income or expenditure evidence from you to assess your application. Please email this as soon as possible to enable us to complete the assessment.

The Student Support Fund 

The Student Support Fund may be available to provide help for full time (and eligible part time) students who have serious financial difficulties or whose access to higher education might be inhibited because of financial reasons.

The fund is also open to students on an apprenticeship programme. This is a means tested fund and is designed to provide a financial contribution to support those whose expected reasonable expenditure exceeds their income. However, please note there is no automatic entitlement to an award.

If you are a part time student who commenced your course on or after August 2018, if eligible you may also qualify for support according to the intensity of your programme of study, pro rata.

If you are a part time student who commenced your course before August 2018, whose income is below set thresholds, if eligible you may also qualify for support with specific course-related expenses.

An application is required, and a means test of your income and certain expenses for the academic year is carried out to determine whether you qualify for an award. If you qualify, you won’t have to pay back the money you receive.

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