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Printing and binding


Students and staff can print, scan and copy on MFD’s (multi functional devices) across campus. As long as you choose the correct print queue you can collect your printing from any of these devices on campus. You will need to sign in with your network login details or save time by tapping your Unicard on the relevant area of the machine. 

Print credit  

Each student gets £5 free print credit when they first print a job. Once this credit has been used you can top up online or at the Catalyst Helpdesk. 

Add Print Credit

Final year students can take advantage of free printing for their dissertation. We know how hard you’ve worked on it so we want to make sure you have a copy you can keep. Head to the Catalyst Helpdesk to request your dissertation credit (£10). 

Printing costs
Printing from a University PC
Printing from your own device


Self-service binding facilities are available in Catalyst on the Ormskirk Campus. Binding combs and covers are provided free of charge and the Helpdesk Team are happy to lend a hand if you need any help using the equipment. 

How to bind a document

Think before you print 

Is a paper copy really necessary, or would a digital copy be just as good. We would like you to consider this before hitting print and help save trees, ink, and energy. Thank you.