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Staff toolkits and training

At Edge Hill, we offer a host of staff training courses in our growing online learning catalogue. Discover our wellbeing training and toolkits.

Staff training

Below are listed some of the staff wellbeing training courses we offer.

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The University has both a legal and moral obligation to staff and students to ensure that our place of work and study is an inclusive, tolerant, welcome and safe environment. Edge Hill has a duty (Prevent) in helping to safeguard our students from becoming radicalised and drawn into extremism or terrorism. Our online module is the most appropriate training for the majority of staff who come into contact with students such as departmental administrators, lecturers and learning facilitators and others, as well as those staff who have very little or no engagement with students.

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Managing positive mental health

This course is designed to help managers identify and correct the early indicators and causes of mental stress among employees.

Mental health awareness

We want staff to feel confident in supporting students, knowing how and when to refer them for more support and how to talk to students without them becoming overwhelmed and overburdened.  We also want staff to know that there is support available for them and their colleagues, and how to access this support when they need it.

Other training

Other equality training sessions that take place are Active Bystander and a Pronouns Workshop. More training sessions and online modules will be added to the programme throughout the year.