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We promote a range of initiatives throughout the year. Our aim is to celebrate events that reflect our diverse and supportive community, providing opportunities to educate, raise awareness or to be charitable. We are always open to suggestions, so if you have any ideas, please contact [email protected].

EDI innovation fund

The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Steering Group are excited to invite applications for up to £500 for our brand new EDI innovation fund for 2022/23. The aim of the project is to provide small grants to support a project, event or activity which will improve, enhance or develop our approaches to diversity, equality and inclusion.

Who can apply?

How much can I apply for?

What type of projects can the grant be used for?

Are there any application priority areas?

What are the shortlisting/assessment criteria?

When must the project happen?

Will I need to do an evaluation?

What is the application deadline?

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Successful applications 2021/22

Thank you to everyone who sent in an application this year. 11 applications were received and the successful applications 21/22 are below.  Work will now commence on the projects and evaluation reports will be received by the EDISG in due course

The Sunflower Project

People with ‘hidden’ disabilities or people who identify as ‘non-visible’ are among some of the most marginalised people in society, and many people who identify in this way go to university. Non-visible disabilities can range from mental health conditions, autism, hearing loss, visual impairment, learning disabilities, chronic pain, and fatigue among others. A non-visible disability is not obvious and can lead to the development of stereotypes, stigma and exclusion ensuring people do not get the right support, advice, care, and appreciation that all people deserve equally, and this can have a negative effect on someone’s life. 

People who are non-visible want to be included within society like anyone else, but further issues can emerge such as not wanting to disclose, for good reasons, and not wanting to carry a label that in effect states ‘I am disabled’ for people to judge them unfairly. It is clear more work is needed to promote their voices and to challenge the stigma that comes together with being non-visible. In collaboration with staff and students, this project will aim to challenge some of the issues people with hidden disabilities or who are non-visible face, by providing a space for people who identify in this way to express their voices through creative means such as poetry and to disseminate their voices across the University. 

Celebrating Neurodiversity

An awareness-raising event for EHU students and staff. A 3 day event celebrating neurodiversity (focusing on SpLD related neurodiversity – dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD) with daily themes/activities/interactive events. Online and physical student resource packs to aid with study skills development, whilst promoting academic resilience and wellbeing.

Library and Learning Services Positive Action Internship

The internship EDI innovation funding will support a one-week internship for an EHU student or graduate to work in Library and Learning Services’ Research Support Team for one week (33.5 hours). The internship would be open to EHU students from ethnic minorities with an interest in research and would provide a risk-free opportunity to learn more about research support in a HE library setting, with the focus of considering it as a career.

The Enlighten Network

A peer to peer women’s health network for EHU staff.   The network will offer staff another support resource.  The network will look to offer signposting on areas of women’s health which can significantly impact a women’s confidence, mental and physical wellbeing, productivity and sense of security in the workplace, such as menopause, fertility treatment, miscarriage, maternal mental health and gynaecological issues.