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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Getting involved

There are a number of ways in which you can support, promote and celebrate equality, diversity and inclusivity.

Everyone has a responsibility to get involved and engage in key initiatives and campaigns that are routinely organised inside and outside of the business. Equality, diversity and inclusivity requires visible allyship – so be proactive and get involved where you can.

Faith and community

The Faith and Community service at Edge Hill Univetsity is available to all students and staff.


We have a duty of care towards our staff and students, and are committed to maintaining a professional working and learning environment that treats everyone with dignity and respect. Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Ambassadors play a vital role in promoting and delivering this commitment. Our ambassadors act as change agents and promote the institutions principles of equality and diversity. Ambassadors will provide valuable insight and leadership to help create and maintain an inclusive culture where equality is practiced and diversity is valued in line with our EDI Strategy.

Our EDI ambassadors

Aisling Barker – Human Resources

Hi there, I’m Aisling. I’ve been working at Edge Hill University for 16 years. I am the External Charters Lead. Recently, I’ve taken on a new role as an EDI ambassador. Our main goal as EDI ambassadors is to provide support to staff who want help with EDI-related issues. We also promote awareness on various topics such as Black History Month, and create a safe space for people to share their thoughts and stories. Personally, I am a mother of two young children and work part-time. I am particularly passionate about supporting mothers who are returning to work after a break, whether it’s a few months or many years.

Cariss Rawsthorne – FAS Psychology

Hello, I’m Cariss and I work in the Psychology Administration team. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is important to me, and I am to create a safe space for all students and staff. I am passionate about raising awareness around EDI topics and celebrating diversity

Jasmine Morgan – FAS Biology

Hello, I’m Jasmine! I work in the Biology department running the Edge Hill JEOL Imaging centre. Equality diversity and inclusion are really important to me and I hope to create a safe space for both staff and students. I believe diversity is essential to excellent science and I have a particular interest in raising awareness of EDI within the sciences to ensure that all scientists have the opportunity to succeed

Taegan Jones Skinner – Student Services

Hello! My name is Taegan. I’m a Student Support Officer on the Student Support Team within Student Services at Edge Hill. Our team provides on course support to all students, particularly student groups underrepresented in Higher Education. Prior to joining Edge Hill two years ago, I worked in other educational settings in both student support and teaching roles. My professional roles have continuously involved supporting students reach their full potential, removing barriers to learning and attainment, and increasing cultural capital. I am extremely passionate about understanding students’ individual needs and personalising my approach to help them achieve their goals.

Jennifer Giblin – FAS Law, Criminology and Policing

Jennifer’s research area is in international law, specifically the United Nations and UN Peacekeeping. She completed her undergraduate in law before undertaking a masters (LLM) in Public International Law, followed by a PhD which examined International Law, Intervention and UN Peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

She is an Early Career Researcher and was the first in her family to attend university, as a result, during her time both studying and working in higher education, she has consistently supported widening participation initiatives and the EDI agenda. She feels strongly about breaking down barriers and supporting individuals, particularly women, to reach their full potential. 

Rebecca Mundy – Corporate Communications

Hiya, I’m a Communications Officer working in the Corporate Communications team and I’ve been at Edge Hill for nearly four years. Highlighting EDI-related activities, initiatives, research etc is a priority for our team (I am the comms officer with lead responsibility for this area) as well as a passion for me personally. I previously worked as a press officer in the arts, and prior to that as a journalist across North Wales, so I love finding a good story. I enjoy working with colleagues at Edge Hill to highlight the amazing things we have going on across campus with a variety of different audiences including prospective students, stakeholders, press and the general public. I’m excited to see how I can help highlight the progress we are making in relation to EDI as I genuinely believe we are all entitled to the same access to education.

Helen Wall – FAS Psychology

Hi, I’m Helen and have been working at Edge Hill University for 11 years in the Department of Psychology. I am currently a senior Lecturer in the department and my research expertise lies in the area of Personality and Individual Differences with a particular focus on personalised interventions geared to supporting wellbeing. I am a single Mum and a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community. I am also  the EDI lead within the Department of Psychology and chair the Departmental Athen Swan steering group. I am incredibly passionate about EDI and wellbeing and proud to be part of the EDI journey within EdgeHill

Niroshan Ramachandran – FAS Law, Criminology and Policing

Niroshan is a Lecturer in Criminology at the School of Law, Criminology and Policing. Before his teaching tenure at Edge Hill University, he worked with internally displaced people, refugee returnees and deported migrants in Sri Lanka. His research is primarily focused on social protection for asylum seekers and refugees in host countries. He became an EDI ambassador because, as a Sri Lankan immigrant, he understands the need for equality, diversity and inclusion in any context. He is actively promoting EDI through inclusive practices inside and outside of the classroom.

Francesca Lee – FAS Law, Criminology and Policing

Francesca is a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD researcher in Law. After completing her LLB degree, Francesca graduated with an LLM in Law and Social Justice. Francesca’s research interests are focused on anti-discrimination law, racial justice, intersectionality and, in particular, natural hair discrimination. These interests demonstrate her passion in leading anti-discrimination and promoting inclusivity ,equality and diversity. Francesca is an active member of the Staff multicultural network and has been involved in the Diversity Access Programme to support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students.

Ashleigh Gascoyne – Student Recruitment Marketing
Mark Molloy – Student Recruitment Marketing
Rachel Arland – Corporate Communications 
Louise Westhead – FoHSCM 
Amelia Grindey-Bell – FoHSCM 
Alykhan Kassam – FoHSCM 
Rachel Leach – FOHSCM 
Louise Macrae – Student Recruitment Marketing
Georgina Butler – Learning Services 
Maria Reraki – FoE 
David Grime – Facilities Management 
Zoe Clifford – Student Services 

What is an EDI ambassador?
What does the role involve?
Why is this role important?

Staff networks

The main aims that we want our staff networks to achieve are to:

  1. provide a safe space for discussion
  2. help to raise awareness, share ideas, knowledge, situations and lessons
  3. provide a source of support for individual staff who may be facing challenges
  4. be a powerful voice and source of positive change, embedded across the whole university.

Our networks provide a source of support for individual staff who may be facing challenges but they also provide opportunity for conversation with friendly colleagues who can empathise with their experiences and provide practical advice and support. Each staff network is run by its members and they all work slightly differently with a range of events, meetings and learning opportunities. By joining a network you can make a difference to the working lives of everyone at the University.

Line Managers should be supportive of their staff joining staff networks – they are an integral part of our University community. If you have any concerns or are experiencing any problems in joining a staff network do contact us. 

We welcome and support the creation of new staff networks, as the networks are self-run we cannot launch these ourselves but we can offer support and guidance in setting a network up. If you wish to join any of these staff networks, or would like to have a discussion about creating one, please email Staff Wellbeing and Development.

Explore our networks

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Carers network
Staff disability network
Staff multicultural network
Working parents network

We celebrate and value the diversity of our staff and students and recognise that every individual brings an invaluable contribution to our community. Our LGBTQI+ webpage allows you to explore: LGBTQI+ History Month, events, guides and training and resources such as podcasts, TV and film and arts and literature.

Explore the LGBTQI+ page