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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

Policies and resources

We want to ensure that our community has the skills and cultural competence required to support a truly inclusive culture. Our suite of EDI training and resources focuses on treating people fairly and appropriately, steps away from a one-size-fits-all approach and covers both wellbeing and inclusion. 

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Diversity in the Workplace 

Core training for all new starters includes Diversity in the Workplace which is accessible to staff via the online learning portal.

Mindset coaching – a self coaching tool

The aim of the mindset modules are to give you the self-awareness to develop the best version of yourself. There are a range of modules which cover topics such as resilience, wellbeing and growth mindset. The goal of mindset is to raise awareness about who you are, understand what you do and learn to self-coach. These exercises are designed to fit into your working day and if you need to, you can schedule it as a calendar reminder to complete at a later date.


Toolkits are available as guidance for staff to support students experiencing difficulties with issues such as mental health, disabilities, medical conditions, or sexual assault disclosures. Family Origin, Ethnicity and Religion is the latest toolkit available for staff to support our Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students, as well as guidance on ways to promote a supportive and inclusive culture for all staff and students from a range of cultural backgrounds and faith groups.

More toolkits are in development and will be added soon.

Staff resources

You can find policies and guides on the HR wiki page.

Forms, policies and documents

Other resources