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High Growth Innovation Sprint Programme

E3i (entrepreneurship, enterprise, engagement, and innovation) is a faculty based function that provides entrepreneurship support to departments and academics to enable the transformation of knowledge, research, and or intellectual property into new and innovate knowledge exchange activities.

We focuses on developing scalable research informed enterprise activities and initiatives with public and private sector organisations. This can include technology commercialisation, continual professional development programmes, knowledge transfer partnerships , and business-support activities that leverage our academic knowledge and resources.

Engaging with industry and external organisations under pins all of E3i’s activities. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between academia and external organisations, to foster innovation and knowledge transfer through the application of our academic research and subject knowledge into real-world challenges and opportunities. We focus on establishing effective long term collaborative partnerships with regional and national public and private sector organisations.

Our nationally and internationally recognised knowledge exchange activities deliver impact through the use of our data driven innovation processes and practices that systematically enables the transformation of knowledge, ideas, and concepts into practical and valuable solutions.

Working collaboratively, we can:

Business case studies

Wolfenden Concrete Ltd
Home Instead Senior Care
Inscape Interiors Ltd

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