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Wolfenden Concrete Ltd

The SME Productivity & Innovation Centre (PIC) at Edge Hill University delivers impact through an intensive fully-funded programme that helps established SMEs, with the vision and potential for growth, build a coherent business model strategy to scale-up.

Wolfenden Concrete Ltd case study

Developed and launched the new SUPA concrete range

Richard Moody, Managing Director – Wolfenden Concrete Ltd

“The programme is challenging but provided me with the opportunity to conduct a thorough exploration of a business opportunity before I made any financial commitment. I am so pleased that I took the time to complete the programme and I am now committed to implementing my plan to support my growth objectives.”

Richard Moody, Managing Director – Wolfenden Concrete Ltd

On completing the programme Wolfenden Concrete Ltd developed and launched a new SUPA concrete range.

  • Clarification of a new business opportunity.
  • Launched the new SUPA range of precast concrete products.
  • Invested in and created a new marketing strategy and CRM system.
  • Refined messages and website.

Starting point

Based in Barnoldswick, Wolfenden Concrete have been supplying precast concrete products to farms for forty years. More recently their innovative approach has allowed the business to diversify into different industries including construction and manufacturing. Managing Director Richard Moody acquired the business three years ago with the aim of achieving further profitable growth. Richard was considering making significant financial investment into brand new moulds to manufacture new types of products to achieve the growth objectives of the business.

The opportunity

Richard wished to use the programme to clarify the potential investment opportunity by putting it through its paces before making the commitment. A further opportunity was to capitalise on Wolfenden’s knowledge and experience and use it to build a higher market share in the dairy farm market.

The journey

The frameworks used in the workshops helped Richard to explore the potential investment opportunity in-depth. With support from the academic team, he was able to un-pick the complexity of investing in new manufacturing techniques. He examined his existing product range and current business model and recognised that there was capacity to maximise the company’s existing capabilities to develop three new products to increase sales and support the achievement of the revenue targets. Richard spent time understanding his customer’s pain-points and looking at his existing marketing content and strategy.

The solution

On completing the Programme, Wolfenden launched the new SUPA range of precast concrete solutions (SUPA-DEEP, SUPA-WIDE, SUPA-STRONG channels) purposely-designed for the dairy industry, using a new marketing slogan ‘Happy Cows’. Wolfenden have clarified their messages and invested in the creation of a targeted marketing campaign that will be supported by a newly implemented CRM system. This will allow the organisation to develop a proactive, repeatable and scalable business process to allow transition into new markets. Richard found the interaction with academics during the workshops a valuable part of the development of a technically and financially feasible solution.

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