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Safeguarding concern action plan

What to do if you have a safeguarding concern about a child or an adult at risk (whilst on your professional practice).

If you believe a child is in immediate danger you should ring 999 without delay

Report to school

The school or setting will have their own local procedures which you should follow. This will involve reporting your concerns immediately without delay to the Designated Safeguarding Lead, or in their absence any member of senior management or another member of the safeguarding team.

Report to the Faculty

Once you have reported concerns to the school or setting you should also raise the concern with a designated safeguarding officer in the Faculty of Education.

Safeguarding our ITE partnership

How to report your concern

You can report a concern by either:

completing the FOE Safeguarding incident form

Incident Reporting form | Safeguarding

or by getting in contact with the Safeguarding team via email or telephone.

Further action

If you remain concerned or believe appropriate action may not have been taken then you can report your concerns directly to the NSPCC.

Safeguarding resources