About Us

Showing a group photograph of the teamThe Academic Quality & Development Unit (AQDU) is a central support department that provides expert guidance to the University, and supports its Faculties and Departments in meeting their obligations in relation to the quality assurance of academic standards. The AQDU provides consistent, professional, innovative and solution-focussed advice and support. This is achieved through careful consideration of students’ and stakeholders’ needs and viewpoints and by regular self-reflection, evaluation and adaptation of processes and approaches to communication.


The AQDU will:

  • harness the creativity, knowledge and commitment of its staff to promote its values and enhance its activities.
  • contribute to an outstanding student experience by promoting and supporting the design, delivery and enhancement of distinctive and innovative curricula which are informed by high quality partnerships, employers and the student voice.
  • seek to influence sector-wide debates and policy on higher education regulation and the assessment of teaching quality.

For a brief description of the areas of work the AQDU are responsible for, please watch the video below:


Contact us

The Team are based at the Ormskirk Campus and can be contacted by email to quality@edgehill.ac.uk or by phone on 01695 657489. Please view the individual staff profiles for more details on leads for specific areas of work.