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We understand that as a student with care-experience and/or estrangement, you may want information and support with specific concerns when applying for university.

How we can help

We offer a variety of different support systems for you to access before you start your journey with us. We are on-hand to support you in your transition to Edge Hill, helping to facilitate one-to-one meetings with relevant teams across the University as needed. Examples of how we can further support you include:

  • assisting with researching and applying for higher education and student finance
  • providing bespoke visits to our campus to meet current staff and students
  • equipping you with financial and pastoral support for you to attend Edge Hill University open days and offer holder days
  • liaising with your Local Authority staff or your support workers to discuss the support we can offer
  • supporting you during results day, especially during the Clearing and/or confirmation processes
  • assisting with participation in any dedicated outreach activities that we may offer.
A student sat in the Catalyst on the couch at the first floor help waiting area. A Catalyst worker is approaching him,

We offer Care Leavers Bursary to those who are currently in local authority care to help with any living cost worries. Alongside this, we also offer care experienced and/or estranged students guaranteed accommodation for 365 days a year, for the whole three years of their degree. Students can request a early move into halls. If their room is not available on their requested move in date, alternative arrangements will be made.

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Contact us

If you have any further questions or are in need of support, please get in touch with our team who are happy to support you.

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