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Studying abroad provides an exciting opportunity to experience a new country and a different culture. Forge new friendships. Give yourself the perfect conversation starter. Be involved in an invaluable experience, which will broaden your horizons and boost your employability.

There are many benefits to spending time studying overseas, whether you’re looking to spend a year or just a semester abroad. It is also possible to take part in short trips overseas or over the summer independent of your studies.

Global opportunities vary on a course-by-course basis. You can check the course listing, or speak to us directly to clarify the specific opportunities that are currently available.

A year abroad: Daniella’s experience

Hear from Daniella, an Edge Hill Sports student, as she talks about her experience living and studying in Catalonia for a year. Discover what it is really like to complete a global experience and the support that is available throughout.

Hear about Daniella’s global opportunity

Studying abroad during your degree can significantly enrich your academic studies. It’s a great way to enhance your employability and make yourself stand out from the crowd.

You’ll be able to explore a new country, immerse yourself in the local culture, and experience being part of an internationally diverse academic community. Build up your personal and professional networks as you make new friends from across the world.

Gain life experience. Boost your self-confidence. Become truly independent. Spending time studying overseas can be a life-changing experience. You’ll discover new strengths and ambitions which will set you apart when you graduate. Employers will value your ability to fit into different environments and embrace change.

Although classes at most host institutions will be in English, meaning you don’t need to speak a foreign language to study there, it’s a great opportunity to develop language and communication skills. We’ll help you prepare for travel with opportunities to learn a language in preparation for your time abroad.

Learn something new about yourself during what could be one of the most rewarding, stimulating and unforgettable experiences of your life.

We currently offer opportunities to study at partner universities in various locations. These include:

  • Europe
  • North America
  • China
  • Japan
  • South Korea

If you’re studying an undergraduate or integrated Masters degree at Edge Hill and have the opportunity to spend an additional year studying abroad, this would usually be undertaken on completion of two years of your course. You’ll then return to university to complete your final fourth year. Alternatively, it may be possible to spend a single semester abroad during the second year of your studies.

Additional opportunities to study in global destinations, in Europe and beyond, may also be available through the Turing Scheme. This is a Government-backed initiative replacing the UK’s previous participation in Erasmus+.

Explore our department list of global exchange opportunities

Explore the costs

Members of staff help students at Open day. It includes Student Opportunities, Study Abroad, and the Language Centre.

While UK universities can charge fees for study abroad years, we are waiving these charges to encourage and support students who wish to take up these valuable opportunities. We appreciate that the skills developed can make the difference to your future career path.

Alternatively, if you are considering spending a semester overseas as part of the second-year of a 3-year undergraduate degree or a 4-year integrated Masters degree, standard tuition fees will apply. This is based on as if you spent the full academic year based at Edge Hill University. However, we will cover the costs of half of these tuition fees, for example £4,625 for academic year 2024/25.

These costs will be covered by the Student Opportunity Fund.

Maintenance loans
Other costs

How to apply

If you are interested in studying abroad, you should start seeking and applying for opportunities from around 12 months in advance.

Opportunities to study abroad are mostly department- and subject-specific, and are only on offer with our partner universities advertised on our Global Opportunities page. You should enquire with your department and personal tutor to find out about options available on your programme and before submitting an application.

Some subject areas may require an interview or additional application support. You will also need to provide an academic reference, included with your application.

A student using computers on the first floor of Catalyst. Careers Corner can be seen in the background.
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