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Clearing advice for parents

If your child is holding a conditional offer, results day is when they will find out if they have secured a place at their preferred university. This can often be a day of celebration but it can also be an unsettling time when their plans might need to change.

If your student doesn’t get the results they were hoping for, or they change their mind about where they want to study, the most important thing is to remember to stay calm, be positive and don’t panic.

Our clearing advice for parents will help you to support your student through the decision-making process.

Be prepared

Encourage your son or daughter to have a back-up plan of different options ready for results day. This could include alternatives for if they do better than expected and become eligible for UCAS Adjustment as well as potential options if they don’t secure the grades they need and find themselves released into clearing.

Find a course

Check UCAS track

UCAS track updates at 8am on results day so make sure your son or daughter is free at this time. If your son or daughter narrowly misses the conditions of their offer, they may still have their place confirmed or be considered for an alternative degree. If their results are not what they were hoping for, reassure them that there will still be a wide range of courses available through Clearing with plenty of options to choose from.

Take a step back

Tempting though it is to get in touch with us yourself, your young adult should be the one to make contact. Universities really want to hear first-hand why prospective students want a place on a particular course. It’s also worth remembering that this is a two-way conversation. Your son or daughter’s experience during an exchange may help determine if a University is the right choice for them. Data protection rules also mean that universities can only speak to the students themselves about an application.

Have questions ready

While your student will understandably be focused on finding a suitable course and securing a place, there are other important factors to consider when choosing where to study. When getting in touch with us, your son or daughter will have the chance to ask other important questions. You can help them produce a checklist of things to ask, from how they will be assessed to what support is provided in finding accommodation and whether any scholarships are available

Take a (virtual) road trip

If you can, you should attend an open day or virtual event at the university where your student wishes to study. It can put any worries you might have to rest and will help them get orientated for September. It’s an opportunity to discover the facilities and accommodation and get a better idea of what the student experience will be like.

Accept an offer

Once an informal offer of a place has been made which your son or daughter wishes to accept, the next step is to add the course they want to join as a Clearing choice on UCAS Track. Their place will then be confirmed.

Whether your child secures a place on their first choice of course at their preferred university or finds an alternative, you will soon be about to watch them embark on an exciting and fulfilling new chapter of their life.