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Want to know more about Clearing 2024 and how you go through the process? Or are you interested in the next steps after you’ve got an offer through Clearing? We’ve got you covered with our complete guide to Clearing.

How does Clearing work?

Clearing is a system that operates after UCAS Extra has closed. It matches students who want a place at university with universities who have unfilled places.

When is Clearing 2024?

For most students, Clearing will begin on JCQ results day, Thursday 15 August 2024. However, if you’ve already received your results, you can enter Clearing as soon as it opens on 5 July 2024. You have until Clearing closes on 21 October 2024 to secure your course of choice, but places in Clearing are limited. So the sooner you apply, the greater your chance of success.

Who can use Clearing?

You can use Clearing if:

  • your application isn’t accepted by your Firm choice or Insurance choice
  • you don’t hold any current offers
  • you haven’t applied to any universities by 1 August
  • you decide to decline any offers you already have
  • you have changed your mind and want to study something different, or that you want to study somewhere new
  • you’ve received better results than you expected and want to apply somewhere with a higher entry requirement.
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How to apply through Clearing

Check if you have been accepted

Log in to UCAS to check the status of your application. If you didn’t get the results you needed, your offers may still have been confirmed.

If you have offers but you’ve changed your mind, you will need to decline the offers to release yourself into Clearing.

Look for an available course

If you don’t have a confirmed place, you can start contacting universities to find a place through Clearing via the UCAS Hub.

Each university will list the courses where they have spaces available. You can contact any universities that have space on a course you’re interested in, but you’ll only be able to accept one Clearing offer.

Our courses available through Clearing 2024

Get in touch

Once you have made your choice, you can apply through UCAS or directly to your university of choice. You’ll need your UCAS Personal ID number and results to hand.

Call our Clearing helpline or apply online if you’ve decided you want to study with us. Our Clearing Team will confirm with you what courses have available spaces, and they’ll discuss your options with you. In most cases, we’ll be able to make you an informal offer over the phone instantly. There’s no limit on how many offers you can hold and you don’t need to accept that offer immediately. You’ll be told how long the offer will last for, so you can take some time to think about what’s right for you.

Call our Clearing helpline from 5 July, 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday. On Thursday 15 August 2024 (JCQ results day), our phone lines will be open from 8am – 6pm.

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Our Clearing top tips

Before Results Day:
On Results Day:
After you’ve accepted your Clearing offer:

Chat with us

If you need any advice, or if you’re waiting to receive your results, you can contact our team who will be happy to assist you.

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