Our focused work on agency

Our focus within this domain is about people’s agency and their rights to be involved in choices and decisions about their lives and health and social care. In particular, our research addresses issues related to agency for children, young people and their parents/carers.

The key people working in this domain from the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine are Professor Lucy Bray, Professor Bernie Carter, Dr Lucy Blake, Ed Horowicz, Hayley McKenzie, Jill Snodin and Holly Saron.

Our programmatic national and international work on clinical holding focuses on improving our understanding of why children are held during procedures and what factors influence holding, including children’s assent or dissent. We are examining clinical holding from the perspectives of the children, their parents and the professionals. Our research encompasses children and young people with acute and chronic conditions, including those with intellectual disabilities, those requiring pre-hospital care and those requiring in-patient mental health care.

We have been involved in work to improve children’s experiences when they come to hospital for procedures and have developed resources such as Children Coming to Hospital and  Xploro app.

Our focus on agency is evident within the DETECT study where one thread of our work is exploring the factors which promote or inhibit parents’ agency in sharing concerns about their child’ possible deterioration. This is part of a major initiative to implement an electronic handheld device to enhance early detection of deterioration in children’s vital signs.

Other areas of work include our research on parent-driven campaigns (e.g. #notanurse_but campaign), work by Ed Horowicz on the legal and ethical issues associated with the treatment of intersex children, Holly Saron’s work on children’s communication during X-ray procedures,   and Hayley McKenzie’s work on education transitions for pre-school children.­­­­

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