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Paul Nugent

“The Programme is revolutionary! It made us think about and challenge the whole landscape of what we are trying to achieve. We now have a clearly defined new product and route to market. I would most definitely recommend the Innovation Sprint Programme to help you develop your strategy to turn your business opportunities into reality.”

Paul Nugent, Managing Director – Nugent Santé

Nugent Santé completed the Programme and have launched a new product: Patient Advance Health Plan

This project is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

  • Adopted advanced integrated absence management technology
  • Clarity of route to market to achieve national distribution
  • Robust marketing strategy and new pricing policy
  • Potential to recruit a Sales Executive to maximise product exposure and sales

Starting Point

Nugent Santé is a customer focussed health care insurance intermediary. Before starting the Programme the experienced team offered bespoke health care cover to the private market supporting both corporate and individual clients. The Lancashire based business works with a wide range of partners and insurers from household names to more specialist underwriters.

The Opportunity

Health and wellbeing is a key strategic feature of the ambitious company’s health range products. Paul Nugent, Managing Director had developed a new product to add to their portfolio that would accelerate employees waiting time for referred appointments and healthcare. The new E-patient referral system is comprehensive and includes the support from two partners who provide the insurance element of the product and qualified nurses who provide the link to the NHS services.

Paul and his team needed to define the function and capabilities of the on-line management tool and establish a route to market to launch the new product on a national scale.

The Journey

It was early in the workshops that Paul realised that the Programme was unlike any other innovation support and advice available that he had participated in before. The facilitated workshops took Paul and his colleague Dan out of their comfort zone. They explored and realised their customer’s pain points and began to address and define their management tool to build a robust solution.

The Solution

Paul recognised the need to add value to the management tool to provide a product that would address their customers pain points. They would need to adopt new technology to enhance the delivery and elevate the new products capabilities.

The valuable insights and time spent on the Programme provided Nugent Sante with a clearly defined product that would meet the needs of their target market and build momentum against competitors. The product can be purchased by HR departments and employers to offer to their employees to help resolve employee health issues quickly and effectively and help them monitor absence.

The team developed a business model that will take the new product to market under their own established brand, via insurance providers and direct to business customers.

The team developed a business model that unlocked a new route to market that will maximise distribution opportunities and deliver quantifiable benefits for the business.

Nugent Santé have created a marketing strategy and a new pricing policy that will support the development of their distribution channels and provide a sustainable income into the organisation.

The company plans to employ a new member of the sales team to help maximise the opportunities to distribute the new product, Patient Advance Health Plan.

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