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Heading to university can be a mixture of nerves and excitement but rest assured our campus has all you’ll need to feel at home and make new connections.
For further support, our campus residents page is filled with key information, such as fire safety tips, managing hall fees, and TV licensing.

Tips to help you feel settled

It may feel overwhelming when you first move into halls, but remember that many people will be feeling the same way as you. You will soon find out who has the messiest room, who never does their washing up and who is always staying out late.

  • Try to agree with your flatmates on a rota for buying essentials and devise a washing-up rota. Save money by shopping and cooking as a group. You could even host cooking or baking contests and see who best knows their way around the kitchen.
  • Spend time in communal areas. Make yourself a cup of tea, open a pack of biscuits, and strike up a conversation with those who come in. This is a sure-fire way to break the ice with your future friends.
  • Make your new bedroom look cosy. Bring any home comforts such as pillows, throws, or fairy lights, and print out your favourite photos of you and loved ones to hang on your wall.
  • Join your Halls Facebook group to find out who you will be living with. You can also follow EHUResidents pages on social media to get a glimpse of campus life before you join us.

Get involved

Make the most of your experience at Edge Hill by getting involved in different activities, societies, events and initiatives. Meet like-minded people and find new hobbies and skills.

You can:

Whatever you fancy doing, there is plenty going on for everyone.

An image of the Edge Hill University american football team.
group shot of all the campus connectors taking a selfie outside catalyst

Meet the team

The Student Life team is a mix of staff and current students, with two Student Life Officers, a Student Life Manager and 20 Campus Connectors.

The Campus Connectors are an excellent source of information and advice and can help you settle into your accommodation. You’ll recognise them around campus in their purple t-shirts / hoodies. They will also promote various in-person events across campus. You can see the full list of events on the Student Life portal.