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Qwickly Attendance in Blackboard

Qwickly is used by tutors to register attendance, and you may be asked to ‘check-in’ during a lecture or seminar.

Qwickly is accessed in the Course or Module area on Blackboard relevant to the session you are attending. Your tutor will usually direct you to check-in by entering a PIN number as displayed on the lecture room screen. 

It is possible to check in on a mobile device. For the best experience, we recommend using the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser, but the Blackboard Learn App may also be used. 

For the best experience, please ensure you are connected to EduRoam. 

Connecting to EduRoam WiFi

The following guides will help you become familiar with where and how to check-in. 

How to check in on Qwickly

Watch a tutorial on how to use Qwickly Attendance:

Student Guide: Using Qwickly Attendance

Further help and support