Connect to the Eduroam Wi-Fi Network

Edge Hill University now provides an eduroam wireless network across our campuses. With eduroam you can login with any Wi-Fi compatible phone, tablet or computer to give you secure access to the internet and other Edge Hill online services.

Connecting to Eduroam

Connect to eduroam in the list of wireless networks and login when prompted:

  • Username:
    (e.g. [email protected] for students or [email protected] for staff)
  • Password: whatever you normally use to login to a PC or GO
    (you will need to change this each time your password expires)

While we have tested eduroam with a variety of mobile devices, the exact process for connecting varies enormously so we can’t provide definitive step-by-step instructions. If you need assistance connecting your device to Eduroam:

The eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool has installers for a range of devices which guide you through connecting to eduroam.

Alternatively you can download the current EHU eduroam certificate (valid until 11 July 2022) to install and configure manually. On Android this should be installed as a Wi-Fi certificate.

Visiting staff and students from other institutions

If you are visiting Edge Hill from another institution that supports eduroam then you can connect to our Wi-Fi network. Just ensure you login with your full username, including the name of your own institution, for example:

We recommend you ensure eduroam works correctly at your home institution before visiting Edge Hill.

Connecting to eduroam at other institutions

Eduroam Wi-Fi networks are available in hundreds of locations across the UK and thousands of places worldwide so when you visit another university or college the chances are you’ll be able to login with eduroam. Browse a map of sites or download the eduroam Companion app for iOS and Android.

You should ensure you connect to eduroam at Edge Hill before visiting another institution – your host may not be offer support in connecting your device.