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Rosettes Direct

Gail Grimmer – General Manager, Rosettes Direct, Accrington

“The CMI course at Edge Hill is a tremendous opportunity for anyone wishing to gain knowledge through a convenient and practical course. I have gained new skills and knowledge which I can apply in my career development.

The tutors at the Business School have been outstanding in delivering the course with excellent support, their vast experience and knowledge to help and guide me in my learning and my working environment with extreme confidence.”

Gail Grimmer – General Manager, Rosettes Direct, Accrington

CMI Management and Leadership Level four – benefits and impact

  • Formalised my experience with a professional management and leadership qualification
  • Gained the skills to build a resilient team
  • Improved communication among the team and senior management
  • Successfully managed a major change project
  • Increased the confidence as a manager in my own decision-making

About the business

Rosettes Direct are the UK’s largest rosette manufacturer and supplier of sundries. The family run business, based in Accrington use the latest production equipment and processes, enabling them to be a major supplier to equestrian, agricultural, canine, feline, marketing, promotional, corporate events and political events across the UK and overseas.

Building leadership and management capabilities

Gail Grimmer has worked for the business for over 32 years, starting at the age of 16 learning how to make rosettes by hand. Her experience comprises of every element of the production and distribution process and has led her to the role that she holds today, overseeing all manufacturing operations.

The business employs 40 people and operates in a unique market, in which they are one of the largest suppliers. The business needed to embark on a restructure to revise its staff operational needs of which Gail would play a major part of implementing. The Financial Director suggested that Gail do a course to support her in managing the significant change that was required to execute the restructure successfully.

Gail found details of the opportunity to study for a professional CMI Management and Leadership qualification at Edge Hill University on the BOOST (Lancashire’s growth hub) website and got in touch straight away.

Outcome and impact

With no formal management and leadership qualifications, Gail has progressed through the organisation without any professional development in her skills and knowledge of supporting a team and decision-making. Her confidence in her own actions as a manager was often waved and she has found her own way of dealing with work related issues that arise.

With the Directors support, Gail began her CMI Level 4 qualification, mainly at home so she could focus without distraction. She felt assured that she had chosen the right course, when she met the other students, employed in roles from a range of sectors many who were in fact also accidental managers.

The CMI course provided Gail with the tools and confidence to conduct the re-structure which included dealing with some redundancy situations (Supported by the Chamber of Commerce). She now feels better equipped to understand people better and to try different approaches to situations.

“I don’t think I would have been able to cope with implementing the restructure and redundancies if it wasn’t for the CMI course.”

Gail Grimmer – General Manager, Rosettes Direct, Accrington

Her new skills have given her a fresh outlook and she now feels she is better equipped to get the best out of the staff through delegating and empowering her team to challenge their own

Gail received great feedback and praise from the Directors of the company for her approach, solutions and communication in tackling the tough redundancies situation.

Knowing how training and development can have a positive impact on production, Gail is committed to supporting the skills and development of her staff in the future and is remaining open-minded herself about further study opportunities for her role.

Gail had demonstrated great commitment and skill in dealing with the major change project required within the business and hopes that her professional management and leadership skills will support her to progress to further opportunities within the business.