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Titan Mechanical Services

Burscough-based Titan Mechanical Services are the UK’s leading mechanical services contractor in the water treatment industry. They offer wide-ranging niche engineering services associated with commercial and industrial water systems. The company operates across the UK with an extensive operational model led by an experienced management team and delivered by highly skilled mobile engineers.

Marc Fitzpatrick – Managing Director, Titan Mechanical Services Ltd

When we started the recruitment process for the Digital Media Manager role, we wanted someone with fresh ideas and the wide range of skills required to grow the company. We were unsure of how to go about recruiting someone of Joe’s calibre so being able to access him initially via Edge Hill University’s placement programme couldn’t have worked out better.

He’s successfully helped raise our company profile with his marketing and technical background and brought vitality and personality to the business and some great ideas for future growth.

Marc Fitzpatrick – Managing Director, Titan Mechanical Services Ltd

Successful outcomes

  • Doubled the social media traffic improving Titan Mechanical’s brand visibility and doubled business in the pipeline
  • Allowed Titan Mechanical to trial a talented student before confirming the appointment of a Digital Media Manager role
  • Brought refreshed and creative internal skills required for the restructuring of the company’s website and improving their search engine optimisation (SEO)

Employer case study

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National plumbing contractors specialising in a wide range of water treatment and Legionella compliance services

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Given the busy nature of running his business, Marc Fitzpatrick, Managing Director of Titan Mechanical Services would only update company social media accounts when the time and opportunity allowed. Titan wanted to improve the consistency and quality of their social media posts to maximise their brand awareness and grow the business. Titan also wanted to update and improve the company website and improve their search engine optimisation (SEO). Marc realised that they needed to and someone who could combine three key skills and functions: copywriting skills, technical skills for improving website development and SEO, and a knowledge of marketing principles and practices.


Joe Pettigrew, BSc (Hons) Business & Management with Marketing student, was initially taken on a four-week placement trial by the company for the new Digital Media Manager role. The key functions were to write copy for the company’s social media, website, and marketing materials and to improve the company’s website profile across search engines.


After a successful trial period, Joe was appointed to the Digital Media Manager role. Joe brought the requisite skills to the role and much more. Through conducting a competitor analysis, Joe identified how to improve and maximise Titan’s brand awareness through increased social media activity. Joe has ensured that clarified marketing messages are communicated to the relevant target audiences to raise the profile of Titan regionally and nationally.


Since the appointment of the graduate placement, the Titan Mechanical website has been completely transformed. Through Joe’s activity on social media, website visits have increased by 30% and business in the pipeline has doubled in the last year. The company is also now far better informed of what their competitors are doing through the market research Joe has conducted.

Next phase

Joe is always forward-thinking about the next stage for Titan’s marketing and has already started to develop ideas for time lapse videos to be used across social media channels. Joe is also looking to bring new ideas to the company to support future recruitment by producing and disseminating a video on a day in the life of a water engineer.

Bespoke work placements

The Aspire Programme provides student placements to help support your business’ growth and productivity. Work-Related Learning (WRL) is a dedicated team situated in the Employability, Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E3i) Department in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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