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Morgan Branding

Established in 2017, Morgan Branding is a top creative marketing agency, based in Warrington. They specialise in website design, branding and graphic design for SMEs. The team’s combination of digital skills, creativity and innovative technology has allowed them to work with famous brands such as Boohoo and McDonalds.

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Edge Hill University student placements have been a fantastic addition to the Morgan Branding team. Each year the placements bring new ideas and energy to the team and provide a great way for Morgan Branding to and new talent.

After the success of Anna’s placement, we have offered her a full time graduate position. We look forward to continuing to grow with Anna.

Callum Morgan – Director, Morgan Branding

Successful outcomes

  • Brought refreshed creativity, visionary and strategic
    thinking to generate more demand through
    increased marketing activity
  • Provides a source of annual support of highly
    skilled students and access to a talented pipeline
    of graduates
  • Launched a new TikTok channel that has created
    multiple leads and generated £100,000 in the
    organisation’s revenue

Employer case study

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Creative marketing agency specialising in website design, branding and graphic design services

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Company Director, Callum Morgan recognised the need for a cost effective method of increasing their social media presence. Morgan Branding recognised they needed to reach and engage with new audiences, which would increase their demand. Collaborating with students would also provide Morgan Branding with access to a pipeline of talented graduates to support future recruitment.


Callum was keen to have up-to-date digital skills onboard to conduct a competitor analysis of where improvements could be made to Morgan Branding’s strategy. BSc (Hons) Marketing with Digital Communications student, Anna Bolger was appointed to fill the placement.


The forward-thinking organisation was aware of potential future recruitment issues and to pre-empt this, they built a relationship with Edge Hill University to provide them with a valuable network of talented students and graduates who would bring innovative content ideas to maximise their social media presence. After conducting a competitor analysis, Anna recognised a new TikTok channel would give Morgan Branding a competitive advantage as well as increase their demand.


As a direct result of the placement, Morgan Branding has gained 15,000 followers on TikTok and achieved a +415% weekly engagement rate with 105,000 video views. This has increased their profitability as they have created numerous leads for web design and email marketing campaigns from followers of their TikTok page.

Next phase

Anna’s contribution to the Morgan Branding team has been invaluable in terms of creativity, visionary and strategic thinking. To continue to grow Morgan Branding’s social media presence, Callum has offered Anna a full time graduate position upon completion of her studies. The organisation has gone from strength to strength with student placements driving forward their productivity, profitability, and demand.

Bespoke work placements

The Aspire Programme provides student placements to help support your business’ growth and productivity. Work-Related Learning (WRL) is a dedicated team situated in the Employability, Enterprise, Entrepreneurship & Innovation (E3i) Department in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

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