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LC Automation

Established over 40 years ago, Blackburn based LC Automation is a leading technical distributor of automation, motion control and machine safety within the UK manufacturing industry. The company supplies thousands of products to 27 world-leading brands including Nissan and Jaguar. They also offer additional services including training courses hosted by expert trainers with practical experience improving the productivity of engineers.

Nigel Dean DipM – Marketing Manager, LC Automation Ltd

Our small, creative marketing team had created a couple of videos, but working with Yasmin took this to another level. Together, we created some excellent content, but more than that, we learned so much about professional video production, editing and developing the skills we needed to create our own content in the future.

I would highly recommend a student placement for any organisation looking to drive their productivity whilst simultaneously upskilling their team.

Nigel Dean DipM – Marketing Manager, LC Automation Ltd

Successful outcomes

  • Working with a student allowed LC Automation to introduce and embed video marketing into their strategy
  • Raised the profile of LC Automation, so much so, their USA supply partners now ask them to create their video content
  • Equipped the team with new skills sets which are now permanently embedded in the business

Employer case study

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Leading industrial product distributor of electronic process control equipment within the UK manufacturing industry.

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Before collaborating with a student, Nigel and the team at LC Automation had expertise in photography but recognised they needed to create and disseminate high-quality digital product videos to maximise their sales. Successfully embedding these videos into their marketing strategy would fulfil the gap which field sales left due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


BA (Hons) Media, Film and Television student, Yasmin Cotton provided valuable support to address the in-house limited skills to create high-quality videos. Not only did this equip the team with new skills but also raised the profile of LC Automation.


Yasmin bought a fresh perspective by creatively filming, editing, and disseminating videos through digital channels including LinkedIn. Due to the highly technical nature of the products and COVID-19 restrictions preventing field sales, video marketing provided a valuable method of promoting several different products.


As a direct result of the student placement, the team at LC Automation has since developed the confidence to produce high-quality videos in a shorter time frame. The skills Yasmin
shared with the team are now permanently embedded into the business. Yasmin has helped to contribute to a 7% engagement rate on social media and allowed them to reach over 2,000 video views on their latest product launch videos on LinkedIn.

Next phase

These results have since improved LC Automation’s visibility within the supply chain. So much so, they have now been asked to create video content for their American supply partners (Red Lion). As a direct result of the placement, LC Automation is seen as leading the way in marketing Red Lion’s products.

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