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Terms and conditions

All organisations and vacancies advertised on our vacancy service must adhere to our Terms and Conditions as set out below.  The following guidelines have been written to adhere to best practice within the higher education sector.

Careers vacancy portal

Careers operate a vacancy portal, which organisations can use to promote opportunities to students and graduates.

We (Careers) will only act as a facilitator of vacancy information between an organisation and students/graduates seeking these opportunities.

We will not act as an employment agency on behalf of the organisation or student/graduate and will not enter into any Terms of Business with the employer or Terms & Conditions of employment with the student/graduate.

Any contracts of employment are between the student /graduate and the employer.

If an employer finds that a student/graduate, recruited via the vacancy portal, does not fulfil reasonable expectations, bearing in mind the job specification provided, the vacancy can be re-advertised by the employer.

Advertising a vacancy does not constitute any implied endorsement of the vacancy, an organisation, its website, its sponsor, its products or its services, nor should any views expressed by that organisation, partners or website, be taken to reflect the views of Edge Hill University.

Careers or Edge Hill University shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by organisations, arising from, or in any way connected with, the introduction by the University to the organisation of a student/graduate.

We will not accept any liability for loss, damage or inconvenience suffered by an organisation where access to the website is suspended or lost through circumstances outside of our control.

Acceptable adverts

Careers will advertise:

  • Graduate schemes and graduate level job roles.
  • Paid, year in industry placements.
  • Short term paid internships.
  • Part-time work (up to a maximum of 20 hours a week).
  • Volunteering opportunities for charity and non-profit organisations, as outlined in our Volunteering At Edge Hill document.
  • Vacation/Seasonal work in the UK.

Non-acceptable adverts

Careers will not advertise vacancies which are:

  • Commission only based
  • Cash only
  • Door to door roles
  • Offering work at a private address through individuals/organisations
  • From private individuals
  • Requiring the student to live in
  • Involving any form of investment by the applicant
  • Requiring students to undertake academic work for other students
  • Appearing to undermine academic integrity or have the potential to encourage or open our students up to accusations of academic misconduct
  • Promoting or involving illegal or immoral activities
  • Based abroad
  • Unpaid or pay less than the minimal wage
  • Misleading or do not provide sufficient information
  • Asking candidates to use their personal bank account details to carry out the job or ask for bank details before commencement of the role
  • Viewed as ambassadorial roles
  • Advertising opportunities for self-employment

The above list is not exhaustive, and Careers reserve the right to not advertise any vacancy as they see fit.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies will only be permitted to advertise specific job opportunities and will not be able to ask students/graduates to register with their organisation to be part of a ‘bank’.

When advertising a vacancy with Careers, all recruitment agencies must stipulate who the candidate will be working for.

Your agreement

By advertising vacancies with Careers, you are confirming that you will:

  • Adhere to appropriate government legislation, including but not limited to the employment of others, equality and diversity within the workplace and health and safety requirements, whilst ensuring you have the appropriate insurances in place
  • Provide a true, accurate and lawful job description.
  • Include the specific skills and qualifications required in the job description
  • Highlight a definite wage per hour for part time work or alternatively provide confirmation that the wage meets the National Minimum Wage
  •  Provide a salary or salary range for graduate work
  • Detail, the method of application to be used by candidates
  • Provide all company details on the system
  • Where possible, provide a definite closing date. If no closing date is provided we will assign a period of one month from the date of posting to the website
  • Promote the number and distribution of hours to be worked
  • Check all information prior to submission and understand that the University accepts no liability for any errors or omissions repeated in an advert
  • Not be guaranteed responses to the roles you advertised
  • Be happy to possibly be contacted by the University in the future regarding future events or activities
  • Identify the suitability of any employees and ensure they are legally entitled to work in the UK
  • Inform candidates with regards to the result of an application as soon as possible and inform Careers when the post has been filled
  • Provide feedback to Careers regarding the vacancy portal and the candidates that apply for your roles
  • Ensure complete transparency regarding the vacancy being advertised, outlining the required outcomes, rates of pay and dates of payment
  • In the case of any remote working, implement effective measures to ensure that the levels of work and rates of pay are aligned accordingly

Our rights

Careers reserve the right:

  • To not advertise vacancies, we consider unsuitable or inappropriate for students / graduates
  • Not to advertise further vacancies from any person or organisation who does not comply with our vacancy handling policy or whom we deem not suitable
  • To withdraw any vacancy details without prior notice
  • To edit entries for length or content accordingly