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What can I do with my degree?

Psychology graduates have a variety of careers available to them, including Chartered Psychology through to careers in health, education, human resources, research to name but a few.

The skills gained from a degree within this department include:

  • Research skills
  • The ability to work in teams
  • Written and verbal communications skills
  • Handling of data and statistics
  • Analytical research
  • Problem solving

Explore your future

Options with a Degree in Psychology

Further ideas and resources

The Prospects and Target Jobs websites are good sources of careers information and resources for social work students.


If you aren’t sure about your future plans, the Prospects website can be a good starting point to generate ideas.  Watch this video to find out how best to navigate the site:

Finding a Graduate Job

Don’t forget to look at our graduate vacancies to explore where to find roles including those in the North West if you are planning to stay local once you graduate.

Edge Hill graduate vacancies Finding graduate vacancies in the North West

Developing Skills

Volunteering is a great way to develop your skills. Employers value experience developed in many different settings.

Volunteering opportunities

Volunteering Opportunities

Useful websites

We have curated this collection of useful websites for students and graduates looking for employment in roles related to Psychology