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Service users and carers

The Edge Hill University (FoHSCM) Service User and Carer Council and Service User and Carer Group, partners with academics, health and social care professionals, families and service users. We develop, strengthen, advance and inspire the highest quality patient healthcare and service user standards through collective planning, mutual action and policy advocacy.

What service users and carers do

  • Attend programme and faculty boards.
  • Programme validations.
  • Student interviews.
  • Student talks.
  • Assessment of Simulated Clinical Practice.
  • Review module and programme proposals.
  • Review and partake in research.
  • Are part of research teams.
  • Partake in virtual ward scenarios.
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Are you a service user or carer interested in helping to train the health professionals of the future? If so, we would like to hear from you.

Service user and carer profiles

Beth Copeland

Beth talks about her experience of being a member of the Service User and Carer Group at Edge Hill University.

Lily Batteson
Anne Greenop
Dawn Krueger
Dr Robert MacDonald