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Postgraduate Research

Our postgraduate research students are part of a growing and vibrant research student community in the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine. The faculty is building and developing our research student portfolio whilst, at the same time, retaining our friendly, personal approach to supervision and support.

The Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine has an excellent and rapidly growing research portfolio. Research is supported by substantial external funding and involves both national and international collaborations. Excellent relationships with health and social care providers ensures research in the Faculty is highly relevant to the rapidly changing health and social care landscape.

Doing a PhD is a challenge, but you always find the support from supervisors picks you up and keeps you going.

Sara, 2nd year part-time PhD student

As a postgraduate research student within the Faculty, you will be supported by our Postgraduate Research Student Tutor who actively engages with all our students.  In addition, all postgraduate research students within Edge Hill University are supported by the Graduate School who co-ordinate central training and support.

Studying for a PhD in the Faculty of Health and Social Care is like an intellectual wind tunnel with supervision that keeps you standing up.

Chris, 1st year PhD student

Graduate Teaching Assistant scheme

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTA) hold a unique position in the Faculty of Health, Social Care & Medicine, being both registered students and carrying out teaching/teaching support. Graduate Teaching Assistants are classed as full-time PhD students and the position is for three years. Our GTAs are an integral and important part of the Faculty and our developing research portfolio. These positions provide the opportunity to gain training, experience, and support in both teaching and research concurrently.

How to apply

If you’re considering applying for postgraduate research study within Health, Social Care & Medicine, please contact us for information and to discuss your options as, although the formal application process is administered by the Graduate School, it is best to speak with us first.

An image of the Postgraduate Research Student Tutor, Professor Lucy Bray. There is greenery in the background of the image.

Your key contact at the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine will be Postgraduate Research Student Tutor, Professor Lucy Bray.

Research and skills training

The Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine offers a comprehensive and individualised training programme for each postgraduate research student which aims to help you reach your full potential. As a postgraduate research student you would access central Graduate School training, discipline-specific Faculty training, and also engage with key external national conferences and training events. In addition to training in core research skills, a PhD programme involves the acquisition and training of a wide variety of generic skills which will prepare you for a range of future careers.

Your training and development will be fully supported to develop you and your training needs.  These would be regularly discussed during supervision and supported by the Faculty postgraduate research student tutor.

We understand that undertaking a PhD can be a daunting experience and as a post graduate research student you will receive ongoing support along the journey from numerous sources. Your supervisory team and postgraduate research student tutor will be on hand to provide support and guidance.

Training and learning new skills is a really important part of doing a PhD and in the Faculty our students access a wide range of opportunities including core training and attendance at regional and national conferences.

Lucy Bray, Postgraduate Research Student Tutor

I am now in my second year of PhD study at the FOHSC and I have found it both challenging and rewarding. Supervisors have provided support and encouragement, a great deal more freedom to direct my study than I had expected, in addition to expertise and guidance. I have already achieved much more than I thought I was capable of and look forward to each stage of the process.

Jill, 2nd year PhD student

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Our PhD provides professional, self-motivated researchers with the freedom to explore their chosen subject and make a significant contribution to their subject.  Studying for a PhD can be challenging, but you will finish with a raft of transferable skills which are highly sought by employers.  A PhD can be undertaken on either a full or part-time basis.  General information about PhD study is available on the Graduate School‘s website.

Postgraduate research students are provided with an individualised and comprehensive training throughout their studies and are supported by the Faculty Postgraduate research student tutor.

Undertaking a PhD project in the FoHSC is perfect for me. There is always someone with an open door to bounce ideas off… or just have chat with! The faculty also has leading researchers in their specific fields which means you can get some incredible advice, guidance and support over a coffee. The main thing about the FoHSC is how everyone smiles- even when it’s cold, wet and windy outside!

Olly, 1st year PhD student

Research degrees

The Faculty of Health, Social Care and Medicine is home to a thriving, dynamic research culture and offers a range of research degrees. These research degrees can be studied on either a full or part-time basis. We aim to be flexible and supportive to the needs of each individual student.

Available degrees include: