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MA Education (Special Educational Needs)

To help you feel prepared for your postgraduate studies, we’ve gathered together some suggested reading before your course begins:

Suggested reading:

You’ll be given lots of information about which textbooks to read and introduced to the University Library, as well as the many ebooks we have for you to access, when you begin your studies.

In the meantime, please read and come prepared to discuss at least one of the following open access resources:

  • GÖRANSSON, K. and NILHOLM, C. 2014. Conceptual Diversities and Empirical Shortcomings – a Critical Analysis of Research on Inclusive Education,” European Journal of Special Needs Education, 29(3), pp. 265–280. doi: 10.1080/08856257.2014.933545.
  • KRISCHLER. M., JUSTIN, J. POWELL, W. and PIT-TEN CATE, I.M. 2019. What Is Meant by Inclusion? On the Effects of Different Definitions on Attitudes Toward Inclusive Education,” European Journal of Special Needs Education, 34(5), pp. 632–648. doi: 10.1080/08856257.2019.1580837

It would also be useful to look at the SEND Review publication below to gain insight of current proposals related to SEND provision:

Useful websites

Addtional task

Consider your own definitions of inclusion and how the readings you have engaged with have impacted on your viewpoint.

Meet your programme lead