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Postgraduate: Arriving at Edge Hill

Sustainable travel

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. And because of this, we’ve developed a Travel Plan to include various sustainable travel initiatives.

We provide a free shuttle bus known as the Edge Link bus, that connects the campus to Ormskirk town centre. This journey is free for all students – you just have to show your Unicard.

We also encourage the use of bicycles both on and off campus. You’ll find secure bicycle storage available as part of our Bicycle Locker User Club (BLUC) and a number of outdoor Sheffield stands, located at multiple points across campus. Find out more on our website.

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Car parking on-campus

If you’re planning on commuting to university by car, you can apply for your parking permit after completing enrolment. Parking permits are allocated using eligibility criteria.

For those who are eligible for a permit, it’s worth remembering that during busy periods we can’t always guarantee you’ll find a space. So, even if you do have a parking permit, it’s a good idea to build in enough time to park locally and, if possible, catch the Edge Link bus from Ormskirk town centre.

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Guaranteed parking?

If you register for car sharing, you’ll be guaranteed a parking space. It’s easy to book a space online. When you arrive, both people must be in the car with both car permits displayed in the windscreen.

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