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PGCE Secondary English with QTS (11-16) course preparation

This PGCE will equip you with a range of academic, professional and vocational knowledge, understanding, skills and values necessary to become a high quality and skilled teacher of English.

The programme aims to develop reflective and analytical skills as well as providing practical experience in planning effective lessons and learning strategies. Hands-on classroom experience, and opportunities to further your own subject knowledge and introduce you to a wide range of exciting, innovative and interactive methods, including the use of Drama and ICT, to further secondary school students’ understanding and use of English, and their literary knowledge are integral to the programme.

Your Launchpad sessions

The Faculty of Education have organised a number of virtual Launchpad sessions. Although not all of these sessions will be relevant to your specific degree, you may find a number of these sessions useful.

Access the Launchpad sessions

Academic preparation

Now is a good time to develop your knowledge further which will prepare you for the specific requirements of your course. Below are some suggestions for academic reading, this list is not exhaustive, however it will allow you to choose the books/articles/documents to read in relation to your programme.  Please note, we don’t recommend rushing out to buy texts before you arrive, however you may be able to find some second hand or online.

  • Dix (2017) When the adults change, everything changes: seismic shifts in school behaviour
  • Robinson (2013) Trivium 21c Preparing Young People For The Future With Lessons From The Past
  • Beadle, P. & Murphy, J (2013) Why are you shouting at us? The Do’s and Don’ts of Behaviour Management, Bloomsbury Education
  • Pollard, A. 4rd ed. (2014) Reflective Teaching: Evidence-informed Professional Practice, Continuum
  • Bleiman, B., 2020. What Matters in English Teaching: Collected Blogs and Other Writing.
  • Crystal, D., 2017. Making sense: The glamorous story of English grammar. Oxford University Press. (or any Crystal book on grammar)
  • Smith, E., 2019 This is Shakespeare: How to Read the World’s Greatest Playwright. Penguin UK.

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