Professional Policing student Luke Tomlinson inspects a simulated crime scene marked out by police tape while wearing protective clothing.

Socially conscious? Committed? Responsible? A career in policing is the right fit for you. With opportunities for practical experience throughout your course, we’ll give you a practical path into the force.

As well as learning in regular classrooms, you’ll interview suspects and gather evidence in our Police Training and Simulation facility. Combined with the regular visits and guest lectures from high-ranking officers, your experience here will give you the confidence you need to kickstart your career.

Interview suspects. Gather evidence. Present your findings in court. Policing at Edge Hill is more than an academic course – with our Police Training and Simulation Facility, you’ll get a realistic experience of working in the force.

If you’re socially conscious and committed, a career in policing is the perfect fit. Our BSc (Hons) Professional Policing is an official pre-join degree licensed by the College of Policing. You’ll hear from high-ranking officers throughout your course, which will really help define your career options.

In the latest National Student Survey, over 98% of students said they were satisfied with the learning resources on their course. With opportunities to work alongside law and criminology students, you can experience collaboration and learn about new subjects that will help you be the best officer you can be.

  • Our modern facilities will make a big difference to your experience. The Police Simulation and Training Facility brings your lessons to life in a realistic, but safe, environment.
  • Our Professional Policing course is an official Pre-Join degree licensed by the College of Policing You’ll graduate fully prepared for a career in the police forces of England and Wales – as well as a range of other careers in the civil service, government or the community.
  • You’ll get practical experience throughout the course, including collaborating with law students and interviewing suspects.


Course Name Qualification UCAS Code
Professional Policing BSc (Hons) PP46

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The Law and Psychology building, viewed from near the Hub.The £6m Law and Psychology building provides contemporary teaching and learning facilities for students in the Department of Law and Criminology.

The three-storey building includes a 265-seat lecture theatre, seminar and tutorial rooms, and social learning areas which encourage a more informal and interactive style of learning.

Elsewhere on campus, there is a mooting room (a mock courtroom) where Law and Policing students can train and practice their advocacy skills and cross-examination techniques, as well as preparing for giving evidence in court.

The EHU Police Training and Simulation Facility, part of which is furbished as a police station, is used to simulate a wide range of crime scenes. This will enable Law and Policing students to work together in areas such as gathering and analysing evidence, including forensic evidence at crime scenes, as well as practicing interview techniques used by the police through role play, while also ensuring that the rights of suspects are upheld.

Law and Psychology Building 360 Virtual Tour

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A prospective student and her parents receive advice from a member of staff during an open day.If you are considering studying at Edge Hill University, the best way to gain an insight into the student experience is to discover our stunning campus for yourself by attending an open day.

You can tour the campus, including the halls of residence, with a student guide. There will also be opportunities to attend presentations and view subject facilities.

Alternatively, our virtual open day pages offer the chance to discover everything that Edge Hill University has to offer and find out more about any subjects of interest, including policing, through a series of online activities.

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