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Student Voice

Share your opinions with us so we can make your EHU experience better.

We’re here to help you achieve and succeed and we need your help to do this. Throughout the academic year, we’ll ask you to give us feedback on your experiences so we can understand what we’re doing well and where we can make things better. See below for ways to get involved.

Ways to help us improve

Student Voice Survey: Course feedback

When? Semester 1 and Semester 2, each year.

Course feedback provides an opportunity for you to comment on your course experience, anonymously.

Teaching staff will respond to your feedback and let you know about any changes made during the course, usually in a subsequent class and/ or electronically.

Student Voice logo.

Student Voice Survey: Module feedback

When? At the end of each module.

A short, anonymous survey which gives you the opportunity to rate each module and tell us what has gone well and any suggestions you may have.

Feedback is used to shape future modules you may take, as well as improve the module you just completed for future students. Changes will be communicated to students who take the module in the future.

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Student Voice Community

When? Ongoing

Students have the opportunity to join the University’s Student Voice Community and provide feedback on a range of topics throughout the year, via various activities including snap polls, surveys and focus groups and more.

Register for the Student Voice Community

The Student Insights Team (who manage the panel) communicate key findings and action taken, via the Your Voice Counts webpages, email and/or promotion around campus.

A student is sat in the Catalyst using a computer.

Suggestion boxes

When? Ongoing

Through our anonymous online suggestion box ‘Have Your Say’, you can tell us how we can make your student experience better, let us know what’s working well or how we could improve. There are also suggestion boxes around campus so you can have your say at any time.

All suggestions are considered, and regular updates of improvements are posted on the Your Voice Counts webpages and/ or promotion around campus.

Consultation station

Consultation Stations

When? Ongoing

Throughout the year you will see feedback walls and coin drops around campus where you can provide feedback on a specific question or topic.

All comments are considered, and coin votes counted, with results and actions posted on the Your Voice Counts webpages and/ or promotion around campus.

Student Advisory Panels

When? Ongoing

Our Student Advisory Panels provide a platform for Edge Hill students to offer their feedback, ideas and opinions on the support and services we offer to our diverse student body across the student lifecycle. We currently host the following five Panels.

  • Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Students
  • Care Leaver, Care Experienced and Estranged Students (CEES)
  • Disabled Students
  • First Generation Students
  • Mature Students

The discussions we have help steer the support we offer to our students, and in some instances, results in students collaborating on projects with us. The Widening Access and Participation Team (who manage the panels) communicate actions taken via the Your Voice Counts webpages.

Student sat with a Catalyst worker at a computer desk, pointing at a screen.

Students’ Union: Other feedback channels

When? Ongoing

There are a variety of other ways you can share your feedback with the Students’ Union (an organisation which is independent from the University). These include Digi-Rep, Your Ideas, Q&A Sessions on Instagram with your Elected Officers and Digital Student Consultations. For more information, visit the Student’s Union online.

Feedback will be shared with the University for consideration, ideas will come to life via the elected officer team output and publicised over social media.

Three students sitting at a bank of computers whilst looking at the same laptop together. There are two students in the background sitting together and chatting, whilst also on laptops.

Students’ Union: Course Reps

When? Ongoing

The Students’ Union trains and supports Student Course Reps across the University to gather course feedback from their peers which is discussed at departmental Staff Student Consultative Forums (SSCFs). This feedback can be escalated to programme boards and Faculty boards where senior University staff will have sight of it.

Issues raised by Student Reps at SSCFs are actioned by the faculty and changes are communicated back to students via the Student Reps. Ongoing issues can be escalated to the Elected Student Engagement Officers.

NSS logo

National Student Survey (NSS)

When? Once, at end of your undergraduate course

An external, UK-wide survey that provides all final year students with an opportunity to provide feedback about their experience at EHU before they graduate.

The results are used to make improvements and are widely publicised to help inform future students’ decisions on where to study.]

Postgraduate Taught Experience logo

Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey

When? Semester 2, of your postgraduate course

An external, UK wide survey that provides postgraduate students an opportunity to provide feedback about their experience at EHU.

The results are used to make improvements to the student experience.



When? Semester 2, each year

An opportunity to write a review for Edge Hill and rate various aspects of the University.

Your review will be posted (anonymously if you wish) on the university course comparison site, and will help other students choose what and where to study.

We use your feedback to try and make a positive difference to your student experience.