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  • To develop innovative methods and technologies that enhance human interaction with intelligent systems, including but not limited to consumer electronics, and promote the well-being and quality of life of individuals in various aspects of life by considering security and privacy as key elements of the system design and analysis.
  • To become nationally and internationally recognised in research, scholarship, education and knowledge exchange and make an impact in the remit of this group.
  • Provide research opportunities and mentorship through research clubs, final year projects, student opportunity fund, etc for students to engage in hands-on research activities, encouraging their involvement in projects related to human-centred intelligence, secure systems, and consumer electronics.


  • Research, design, and develop systems with a primary focus on human-centric artificial intelligence, user-centred security, privacy preservation, formal and behavioural analysis, ethical artificial intelligence, secure Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), smart consumer electronics and associated domains by placing a strong emphasis on human-centric principles at the core of system design.
  • Maximise the societal impact in above and other related areas by solving real world challenges and contributing to the society.
  • Build a community of experts and students in these and related areas and establish national and international collaborations.
  • Disseminate latest research findings and knowledge to relevant stakeholders.
  • Attract external research and knowledge exchange income.

Research Themes:

Human-Centric AI

Develop intelligent systems and applications, especially in the domain of consumer electronics, that prioritise user experience and accessibility, and automate knowledge learning and the decision-making process.

User-Centred Security

Design secure systems for consumer electronics with a strong emphasis to minimise human-related security vulnerabilities.

Privacy Protection

Investigate and validate techniques for respecting and preserving individual privacy in consumer electronics, ensuring data security and user trust.

Formal and Behavioural Analysis

Explore methods for understanding user behaviour, preferences, and interactions with consumer electronics to improve product design, functionality, and acceptance.

Ethical AI

Promote research that addresses ethical considerations, fairness, accessibility and transparency in consumer electronics and AI applications.

Secure IoT and Smart Consumer Electronics

Develop security protocols and practices for IoT devices and smart consumer electronics design and manufacturing powered by 5G/ 6G, Software Define Networking and other enabling contemporary technologies.


EHU members

External members and collaborators:

  • Dr Muhammad Khalil Afzal, COMSATS, Pakistan

To discuss potential PhD topics under the remit of this group, please contact Dr Muhammad Usman ([email protected]).