Key points to note:

  • In each academic year, all students must enrol before the start of their programme to become a member of the University, activate your IT/Library account and release your student loan funds
  • New students complete two stages of enrolment: stage one before you get here and stage two when you arrive on campus
  • Continuing students will also enrol online through the student homepage

New students

Stage one: you complete an online form and upload a suitable photograph for your University Student ID card (Unicard), as well as a copy of your identity document (ID). Please see our Enrolment Identification Requirements for guidance on acceptable forms of ID. This form may also include an option to choose modules.

Stage two: when you first attend the University you will need to confirm your attendance to become fully enrolled and release your loan funds. You do this by clicking on the link we will send to your Edge Hill email account after you have completed stage one. You can do this process on your own device or on a campus PC, but you must be connected to the Eduroam Wi-Fi – use your Edge Hill username and password to log on.

You must complete both stages of enrolment.

Continuing students

You will re-enrol online unless the University has notified you otherwise.

Week commencing 19th August 2019 you will receive an email with instructions on how to re-enrol for the next academic session.

Any Student Finance will not be triggered until you have re-enrolled in full.

Please email the Enrolment team or call us on 01695 657600 for more information.