Academic Appeals Form

Formal notification of academic appeal

Please read the checklist, guidance notes or contact the Students’ Union or Student Casework team before completing this form.
Accessibility: Disclosing a disability is a personal decision and we understand that you may want to keep it confidential.  Even if you have not already disclosed your disability, we encourage you to do so at the start of the appeal process. We can offer support and/or reasonable adjustments to help you participate fully in the appeal process and can reassure you of confidentiality throughout. Download a word version of this online form here.

    Under which ground(s) are you submitting your application?

    Please state which modules are the subject of this appeal.
    Note: it is your responsibility to ensure your application specifies the correct module codes and all relevant elements of the assessment you are applying for.


    The following information is required to submit your appeal.


    A factual statement, explaining the reasons for this appeal and providing context on how your circumstances impacted your assessment submission. (Required)

    Please attach any extra evidence here or email [email protected]

    Independent supporting evidence (attach)

    If you need to attach more files, please contact the [email protected]
    Please remember, your appeal cannot be considered without the above information.

    Student declaration: Please read and tick box (required)
    I have read and understand the academic appeal guidance notes and the possible outcomes of this appeal.
    I understand that advice and guidance is available from the Students’ Union.

    We are committed to ensuring compliance with current data protection legislation. We confirm that all data collected is used fairly, stored safely and is not disclosed to any other person unlawfully. Edge Hill is a data controller and, in some instances, may process this data. Information about how we use your personal data can be found here

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