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Postgraduate study isn’t on everyone’s radar, and you might be wondering if you should take the leap?

As a 2023 graduate from the MA Marketing Communications & Branding course at Edge Hill University, I’ll go through the benefits of PG study, including my personal experience, and how studying a Masters helped me land a job in the Recruitment Marketing Team at Edge Hill.

New opportunities

If you want to delve deeper into a subject area you love and have already studied at undergraduate level, postgraduate study might be the right option for you.

Or do you want a career change? Some students have worked in their field for years before deciding they want to switch it up. And postgraduate study can help you take the first step towards a new and exciting career. You’ll gain the knowledge and skills employers are looking for and earn an impressive, advanced level qualification at the same time.

There are a few options to explore if you’re thinking of furthering your studies at Edge Hill. We’ve developed a range of postgraduate courses to choose from. If you’re wanting to develop your knowledge and expertise of a topic you’ve already studied or a topic brand new to you, we offer taught postgraduate courses in a wide range of subject areas. These are structured in a similar way to your undergraduate degree, usually including lectures, seminars, and independent study. On the other hand, our research degrees allow you to immerse yourself in a subject your passionate about whilst independently exploring a gap in your area of study. Perfect for if you’re wanting a career in academia or research. If you work in health, education, social care or medicine, our postgraduate professional development courses might be for you.

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Teaching excellence

Group of students

On a Masters programme, you’ll learn from academics who are some of the best in your field of study with proven expertise and extensive experience. Often, they’ll have industry connections that assist them with exceptional teaching and provide you with the best possible work experience opportunities.

At Edge Hill, all our courses are taught by expert supervisors who use a wide range of methods to cater to all learning styles. We’re proud of our excellent reputation for teaching and we’ve won awards for teaching in the classroom.

Personal progression

One of the greatest benefits of postgraduate study is your own personal development whilst you take on the intellectual challenge. Self-discipline, self-motivation, time management, and adaptability are just some of the transferable skills you’ll secure during your studies.

For most postgraduate programmes, a dissertation or research project forms part of your final grade. While it may seem challenging at first, this will enable you to showcase your knowledge and understanding, as well as your ability to think critically. Don’t worry, you’ll be allocated a supervisor who will assist you throughout the process. It’s a great opportunity to set your mind to something and reap the benefits when it’s complete.

Developing your expertise and immersing yourself in a subject you’re passionate about can be extremely rewarding. You’ll learn with motivated course mates that bring their own perspectives and experiences. Developing and gaining new insights throughout the learning process.

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Careers advice

Careers advice

Postgraduate study is the next step after your undergraduate degree if you’re looking to boost your employability. A Masters degree can enhance your CV and help you stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive job market. It demonstrates dedication, commitment, and a passion for your field. And you’ll gain an important range of skills including teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking and data analysis. All of which are desired by employers and can springboard you into more senior or specialist roles that have a higher pay scale.

A relevant postgraduate degree may be advantageous over graduates without advanced qualifications when applying for jobs. 97.4% of taught Masters graduates at Edge Hill are in work or further study 15 months after graduation. And 97.1% of our postgraduate Education and Teaching students are employed or in further study 15 months after graduation too (Graduate Outcomes data released 2023).

Industry-relevant skills

Pursuing a postgraduate degree gives you more than academic growth; it offers practical skills that are directly applicable in today’s job market. These courses often feature hands-on elements aligned with industry needs. This ensures you’re not just studying theory but applying it in real-world scenarios, under the guidance of field experts.

This expertise doesn’t just make you employable; it sets you apart in competitive job markets. You’re seen not just as a candidate with advanced qualifications, but also as someone with practical know-how that can be directly applied in a professional setting.

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Financial investment and return

Investing in a postgraduate degree can be a significant financial undertaking, yet it’s one that holds the promise of impressive returns. In Britain, people who’ve earned a Masters degree or higher generally report higher lifetime earnings compared to those who’ve only completed undergraduate studies. 

According to Coursera, “graduates with a Masters degree make £42,000 a year on average and experience less unemployment than those with an undergraduate degree or a diploma. This is compared with undergraduate degree holders, who make £35,000 a year and will land full-time employment at a slightly lower rate (52 percent versus 63 percent for Masters).”

So, what was my postgraduate experience…

I’d chosen a broad undergraduate degree that covered a couple of different subject areas. But I was looking to specialise and gain a deeper understanding of marketing and I knew having a Masters would help me with future job opportunities. I was a bit worried about moving from undergraduate to postgraduate level study, but Edge Hill were really supportive.

A strong team of academic professionals, interesting modules, and excellent facilities are just some of the many reasons why I chose Edge Hill to complete my postgraduate studies. The MA Marketing Communications & Branding course is led by a team of supervisors who were engaging and encouraging from start to finish. And studying in a modern environment with access to every textbook I needed meant I had every chance of success.

I took a particular interest in the Strategic Marketing Planning module that allowed me to participate in managing marketing operations within a group context and to identify the planning processes that are behind some of my favourite brand’s success. The skills and knowledge I gained on the course were all successful contributions to my CV and I have since confidently secured roles in the marketing sector. As a marketing professional working in the field, I still refer to the knowledge I gained from my postgraduate studies and remain thankful for the valuable experience and the exciting opportunities my Masters degree has led to.

Anais Brady – Content Marketing Coordinator at Edge Hill University

Anais Brady


If you have any questions about postgraduate study at Edge Hill, please contact Course Enquiries.

September 22, 2023


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