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Offer holder days are exclusively for applicants who have received an offer from their chosen universities. Whereas open days are designed for prospective students. They provide general university and course information to help prospective students decide which university to apply to.

What are offer holder days?

A student chats to a member of staff about a Business course at an Edge Hill offer holder day

Offer holder days are different to open days. They’re more tailored to you. They are exclusively for applicants who have received an offer from Edge Hill University. It’s all about finding out about your course, and what opportunities are available to you. 

What really sets offer holder days apart from open days is the subject taster sessions. You will:

  • gain further understanding of what a day studying at Edge Hill University is like
  • explore your module options and start to visualise your first year
  • find out about the course from current students and tutors
  • become familiar with the learning environment, rooms and buildings on campus

The benefits of an offer holder day

Subject taster sessions

You might be wondering what studying at university is like. Whereas open days explore a wide variety of courses, subject taster sessions are a chance for you to attend a class in your chosen subject. Learn from one of your future tutors. Connect with likeminded people. You’ll be with your future classmates, and don’t forget, you’ll all be in the same boat. Get to know them and ask them why they’re considering the university. The taster session will give you a real flavour of what it’s like to be a university student.

Although you can discuss courses with a variety of people on an open day, you won’t experience the same level of detail as an offer holder day subject taster session provides.

Meet your tutors

After your subject taster session, you’ll get the chance to meet the tutors. During the session, you can leave any nerves at the door. It’s an exciting opportunity to chat to your future tutors and ask them questions. That’s what they’re there for, and they welcome new students every year.

Explore the campus

Don’t worry, you’ll still get the chance to explore the campus at an offer holder day. Similarly to an open day, we offer campus and accommodation tours at our offer holder days. Take a look around the campus facilities. Find out what the accommodation is like, and how close they’ll be to your lectures.

Chat with students

At an Edge Hill offer holder day, you can chat to anyone in a purple bib or top throughout the day. They’ll be happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Not only will you have the chance to talk to staff, but you can chat with students too. Chat with current students who are studying the course you are interested in. They’ll be around during, and after, the subject taster session.

Student guides will also be around on the day to guide you and answer your questions. At Edge Hill, student guides are students currently studying at the University. Ask them what they honestly think about studying here. You might want to know what they study, or if they live on campus and how they find it. They have been in your shoes, so don’t worry about asking too much.

Student experience fair

Make the most of the student experience fair in The Hub during the day. Find all about what university life has to offer and what opportunities there are whilst you’re studying. Whatever your question, we’ve got a wide range of teams and services on hand to help, including:

  • Accommodation
  • Scholarships and Student Opportunity Fund
  • Student fees and finance
  • Inclusion Team
  • Admissions, Fastrack Programmes and Equivalency
  • The Arts Centre
  • Careers
  • Student Life at Edge Hill
  • Campus Facilities
  • Edge Hill Sport
  • Edge Hill Students’ Union
  • Study Abroad
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • The Language Centre
  • Learning Services
  • Sandwich Placements, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Short-term Placements, Faculty of Arts and Sciences
  • Student Opportunities

Parents and supporters

During the day, parents and supporters will have an opportunity to attend an informational session. You’ll find out all the key information regarding fees and finance, student accommodation and how to support your applicant through the UCAS process. Transitioning to university can be a big step. We’re here to support you to support your student on the journey.

What are open days?

An open day is a chance to explore universities first hand. When you attend an open day, you might not have applied to any universities yet. Or you might be trying to decide which university to accept an offer from. An open day can help you make a decision on which university is right for you.

At an Edge Hill University open day, you’ll be able to explore the campus, meet our students and chat to staff. It’s all about getting answers to your questions. If you aren’t sure about attending an open day, take a look at our top 10 reasons to attend an open day.

After you’ve attended an open day, you’ll be able to make a decision with confidence. Discover open days at Edge Hill University.

Benefits of open days

Open days are a great way to get an overall feel for Edge Hill. You can explore the campus and accommodation, chat to staff and students about studying at the University, and explore the surrounding area. They are not as tailored as offer holder days and you can enjoy the day at your own pace. Whether you choose to come alone or with your family or support network there will be lots to get involved with on the day from a bustling careers fair to a guided campus tour.

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January 12, 2023


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