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With the January exam season fast approaching, it’s time to get a head-start on your revision. Exams can be a stressful time for all students, but try not to panic, as a clear and calm mindset is the key to success. Read our revision guide below for all the advice and guidance you need to get exam ready in the new year at Edge Hill University. 

Top tips

1. Eat, sleep, plan, repeat

Endless hours cramming in revision can mean that you forget the basics. Try to keep to a routine, get up, dressed and look after your basic needs such as eating well and getting enough rest. It might be time to hang up the dancing shoes for a week or two and up your water intake to ensure a clear head and sharper focus.

Go back to basics and think back to your GCSEs and A levels or any Uniskills sessions that you may have attended. All those times your teachers told you about the importance of creating revision plans and timetables are still just as relevant now. Make sure you plan in times for breaks and relaxing to help break up the work.

2. You do you

Find a revision technique that works for you and stick to it. We’re all unique and what works for your friends and peers may not be right for you.  There are lots of different techniques out there. Some people work best using visual media such as watching a documentary or YouTube video, whilst others prefer a good old-fashioned textbook. Think about the time of day that you work best, and whether you need to work in a group or on your own. Also consider the type of exam that you are prepping for and whether your technique is adequate preparation. For example, recording your notes and playing them back to you may help you to remember the information but if you’re going into a timed written assessment then you may also want to practice writing in timed conditions too. Test yourself to find out what works best for you and don’t be afraid to vary your techniques if you find yourself getting restless after a while.

3. Sort your space

Find an area where you will work best and be least distracted. This may be in your halls or back home at your parent’s house. If travelling home isn’t an option, make the most of the Catalyst or any quieter working areas. Just a reminder that the Catalyst has bookable study areas, as well as the quieter working areas and silent study spaces on the second and third floors. If you’re staying in a familiar space at home, ensure that your phone is out of reach and you have a clean and motivating study space. Consider buying yourself a relaxing candle or scent, not just as a treat, but also because a new scent is scientifically proven to stimulate your senses and keep you more alert.

4. Be kind to yourself

The weeks leading up to exams are tough and can be very stressful for lots of students. If you’re struggling with a concept or aspect of your course then please speak to someone, whether it be  your tutor or a savvy classmate (we also have information about Uniskills below). Try to stay calm and positive during your revision.  And don’t forget to build in some time for things to look forward to, such as a cinema trip or a lunch with friends – you deserve it!

For more support while studying, visit our exam preparation webpage. You can find guides, toolkits and online courses, all in on place.

5. Eat well and keep active

It’s also important to look after your physical health. While keeping you well, it can also boost your emotional and mental wellbeing. At Edge Hill, we’ve a range of initiatives to help you stay healthy and active. From free fruit, to discounted gym memberships, free swimming sessions and more. To find out more, read our eat well and get active webpage,

How we can help

As you get ready to sit your exams, or submit your final assessments, the UniSkills team are here to help. Take advantage of the support they offer to reach your full potential.

December 20, 2022


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