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My clearing story Elizabeth Craine

“I didn’t know people who did better than they thought could go through Clearing.”

Elizabeth Craine

Prestonian Elizabeth Craine is studying for a BA (Hons) in Marketing with PR, but despite excellent academic predictions she wasn’t always certain that university was for her.

If I’m being 100% honest, I always saw the Clearing process as the route people go down if they didn’t do very well in their A Levels or BTEC. I didn’t know people who did better than they thought could go through Clearing.

I never wanted to say that I went through Clearing because, honestly, I thought it was where the people who failed went. My Personal Tutor in college made it clear that I would get into my desired university and that Clearing wasn’t even an option, so the Clearing process became a process I never wanted to go down because it would have made me feel like a failure.

Originally I didn’t want to go to university because I wasn’t sure it was the right path for me. Turns out it most definitely was. I went to visit my then-partner at his flat at Edge Hill the day after he moved in and I instantly loved the place. I’d never visited the University before but just fell in love with the campus and how everything was in close proximity, much like my college. Everything in one place.

I suddenly wanted to live the independent life at university. That night, I made a decision to come to university. I originally applied to study ancient history at five other universities. I studied classical civilisation and loved it, but I just knew it wasn’t right for me and I wanted to go into marketing and business. After a long conversation with my parents, I rang Edge Hill the next day and asked if they had any places available on the Marketing with PR course. It instantly appealed to me and really made me decide on what I wanted to do in the future.

 An image of a group of students outside various accomodation blocks on the Edge Hill University campus.

I got A*, A*, B in my A Levels so could have gone on to study law somewhere but decided against it when I saw Edge Hill. I’ve never regretted the decision.

I got onto the Marketing with PR course instantly. I just rang the Edge Hill Clearing hotline and they directed me to the Business School. I spoke to someone about why I wanted to take the course and was then directed to the administration team where they processed my application.

The experience was very smooth, no big hurdles to clear, no hard questions or paperwork to complete. It was so simple. I honestly thought it would be a lot harder and people would think I was weird for suddenly deciding to come to a university I’d only been to once.

My advice to anyone going through Clearing would be to remember not to be afraid and think you’re anything less just because you went through Clearing rather than the traditional route. It definitely changed my perspective of Clearing and I most definitely didn’t feel like a failure given my results. If anything, I felt very strong. I didn’t know what I was going to do with my life if I didn’t take these three years to study and finally decide, and the Clearing process allowed me to do this.

Also, if you’re not sure you want to go to university and don’t want to risk it, remember that nothing is ever permanent. If you don’t like university after thinking it was for you, there’s no harm in dropping out. For me, it was the best risk I ever took.

Before I started, I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to do as a career. If it wasn’t for the course, and the events and opportunities I’ve had because of it, I wouldn’t be any wiser about a career, or about the kind of person I want to be.”

“The Edge Hill ducks just crack me up. They’re everywhere and always quacking away.”

Beyond the campus lakes

I lived on campus in my first year. Because I applied late, I was worried I wouldn’t get a nice room with an en-suite. Originally, I was going to move into a hall where I’d share a bathroom and I really didn’t want to. Then, on the morning I was going to sign the papers, I got an email saying a room was available and I replied within a minute saying “YES PLEASE!!”

I loved living in halls. Having your own personal space as well as a communal one. Being close to the SU, the shop, and, of course, all of the educational buildings was so convenient and no time was ever wasted. I’m moving into Woodland Court for third year and couldn’t be more excited.

The Edge Hill ducks just crack me up. They’re everywhere and always quacking away. They remind me of home as well – in Wrea Green, we have a small duck pond and everywhere you turn there’s a duck just sitting there like, ‘hey’.

An image of a group of ducks on the Edge Hill University campus.

I followed Edge Hill once I was fully enrolled so I didn’t miss any of the other fresher events and other things going on and have always been entertained by the Campus Life pages. I’m actually going to be helping to run the social media pages in my third year as a job. I want to go into social media marketing, so it’s perfect for me.

An image of a group of students sat on one of the parks within the Ormskirk town centre.

“If you don’t want city life but still want that independent buzz of life, Ormskirk is the perfect place.”

I’d describe Ormskirk as a small but busy town. It has everything a student would need but in small doses. It has a couple of clubs, discount shops like B&M, Home Bargains, Aldi, Poundland, as well as a couple of clothes shops. If you don’t want city life but still want that independent buzz of life, Ormskirk is the perfect place. And it’s only half an hour away from Liverpool (which has become my favourite city) if you need more. I’ve always loved Dinky Dory. It’s so small and sweet, and OMG, under £2 for unlimited hot chocolate that you can add flavoured syrups to. Who doesn’t want that?

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July 13, 2022