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The best way to find out if a university is right for you is to see for yourself.

Open days are held on various dates throughout the year to give everyone a chance to explore campus. Take this opportunity to get a real feel for the university. See where you could be living. Discover the resources and facilities you could be using. And ask questions about your course to potential future tutors.

Read our top tips to find out how you can prepare for an Open Day at Edge Hill and find out what to bring, what to ask, and more. Book your place at one of our open days today.

1. How should I plan my open day visit?

Book your place online in the weeks leading up to the open day event. And you’ll receive an open day programme before the event. In here, you’ll find all the information you need to know. Including the times of key information sessions, subject presentations and different types of tours. And read about the other exciting activities that’ll be taking place. It’s a good idea to prioritise your subject session and plan the rest of your day around this activity. You’ll find out more about the modules on offer. How the course is assessed. And it’s a great way to meet the department. Both tutors and current students.

The rest of your day can be tailored to your interests and needs. Make sure to visit the Student Experience Fair. This is where you’ll meet representatives from support teams across the university. Such as Finance, Careers and our Students’ Union.

Plan your journey. Open days are often busy events filled with activities that you don’t want to miss. So it’s essential to time your journey well so that you can make the most of the day. Read our travel webpage for more information on how to get to us via different transport links. And if you’re travelling from a far distance, you can contact us for overnight accommodation advice.

An image of a student advisor helping a prosepctive student on an open day.

2. Should I bring someone with me to an open day?

It can be useful to bring a friend or family member with you to an open day. The day is filled with key information so it’s good to have someone else to make notes alongside you. They can help to spot things that you may have missed. And they’re likely to know you well so they’ll have an idea what’s best for you and your circumstances. But it’s also important to remember that wherever you choose to study is your decision. And if you’re coming on your own – don’t worry. There’ll be lots of friendly staff and students on campus to help you and make you feel at home.

Read our helpful guide on university open days for parents and teachers.

3. What should I pack for an open day?

When you book your place in advance, you’ll receive an open day pack and a confirmation email. Both are handy to have with you. The confirmation email will include a barcode which will be scanned when you arrive for registration. The open day pack will contain a campus map and schedule. These are useful to plan your day. And they’ll help you to get around the university. But don’t worry if you forget yours as there’ll be plenty of programmes available in registration.

On the day, you can pick up different information booklets containing key facts and figures. It’s a good idea to bring your own notepad and pen for any extra information that you may want to write down, such as answers to any questions that you ask on the day. That way, you can refer back to essential information after the event.

Another suggestion is to bring a portable charger. Phones are great for taking photos and videos to look back on, especially if you’re visiting more than one university. So make sure to keep your battery topped up. Plus, some modes of transport use digital tickets so you may need your phone to get home at the end of the day. And expect to be doing lots of walking around campus. Make sure to wear your comfiest shoes and weather-appropriate clothes.

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4. What questions should I ask at an open day?

Lecturers. Students. Support staff. They’ll be on-hand all day. Prepare for an open day by having a few questions ready in advance and ask them on the day. Here are some questions that you might want to ask about the campusaccommodation or your course as a starting point.

Campus questions:

  1. What does the local town have to offer?
  2. What kinds of support does the university offer?
  3. What funding opportunities are available?
  4. What’s the Students’ Union like? Which sports teams and societies can I join?
  5. What facilities can I access on and off campus?

Course questions:

  1. How is the course assessed?
  2. How many teaching hours can I expect to have?
  3. What modules are compulsory and optional? Are there opportunities for work placements or to study abroad?
  4. What careers have recent graduates gone on to?
  5. What qualities or experience is being looked for in my personal statement?

Accommodation questions:

  1. How and when do I need to apply for accommodation?
  2. Are there catered and self-catered options?
  3. How long do I have my room in halls for?
  4. What extra facilities are there, such as a laundrette or shops?
  5. What accommodation is available off-campus?

5. What happens if I can’t attend an open day?

At Edge Hill, we offer multiple Open Day dates throughout the year. Can’t attend any? Don’t worry. Edge Hill offers a variety of ways for you to find out more about your course and campus life.

You can book one of our monthly campus tours. Here, a student guide will take you around the campus on a typical university day. You’ll gain insight into what university life is really like. And visit the buildings you could be studying in. Or you could take a virtual tour of the university from the comfort of your own home. Watch pre-recorded subject presentations. Take 360-degree tours of campus, facilities and accommodation.

Worried you won’t have chance to ask your questions? We run regular live chat events. And we also have the option to contact us by phone, email or live chat every working day of the week. So get your questions in and we’ll get back to you. Want to know what it’s like to be a student at Edge Hill? Chat with our current students on our online platform. They’re available to chat about all the things that Edge Hill has to offer. And they may let you into a few Edge Hill secrets.

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6. What happens after an open day?

Your open day experience shouldn’t end when you leave campus. Take time to reflect on the day. Can you picture yourself studying there? How did being on campus make you feel? Talk about the day with your friends and family. Read back through your notes. Or write a list of pros and cons. This will be useful when deciding which universities to apply for. If there’s something you forgot to ask on the day, we’re here to help. You may even want to sign up for another open day to get a second look before you apply.

An image of a student advisor talking to a group of people.

Open days are a fantastic opportunity to help you plan your future. To help you to imagine what you can achieve. It’s not just where you’ll live and study. But it’s the place where you’ll grow. So, get ready to find out what university life is all about.

Learn 10 key reasons you should attend a university open day in our helpful feature. You can also learn more about an Open Day at Edge Hill.

June 7, 2022