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Your responsibilities

In our experience, good communication is vital between students, academic and support staff. We aim to work with you in a solution focused way and be clear about expectations on both sides.

The Inclusion Team aims to work with you to:

  • Ensure your learning requirements are appropriately assessed and met
  • Enable and empower you to study and live as independently as possible
  • Communicate effectively with all relevant parties, internally and externally
  • Monitor, review and evaluate your progress and adapt your support accordingly
  • Ensure that ‘reasonable adjustments’ are put in place to enable you to be an effective and autonomous learner

Your responsibilities as a student are to:

  • Make contact with the Inclusion Team as soon as possible to ensure your learning requirements are considered and ‘reasonable adjustments’ can be made.
  • It’s important to ensure that you can self-manage and administer any medication you take or have appropriate support to do so from medical professionals. If you are injecting medication, you should make arrangements to dispose of used sharps and needles safely. Ask your GP/Consultant/Nurse for more information about this.
  • Engage and participate in all aspects of your learning and support and to be aware of the recommendations in your Study Needs Assessment or Student Support Plan.
  • Talk to your Personal Tutor/academic staff about your learning requirements.
  • Attend your classes and support sessions unless there is a valid reason such as an illness.
  • Complete relevant documentation such as signing for LF sessions.
  • Contact your funding body as appropriate.
  • Take responsibility for your learning and keep us informed of any health or other changes.
  • Work in partnership with academic and support staff.

Edge Hill University understands that among our student community there will be those who are managing complex medical and/or health conditions. We recognise that you are the expert on your own medical conditions and the expectation is that you should be able to manage these independently with appropriate support from health professionals if you are living on campus.