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Specific entry requirements may differ for each programme, but the information detailed below provides general requirements and some guidance. More information on specific courses can be found in the course catalogue. Each application is assessed on its own merit.

English language requirements for individual courses may vary but the minimum requirements can be found online.

Undergraduate programmes

Applicants should have completed the D1 diploma. Grade 6.5 out of 10.

International Baccalaureate (IB)

We are happy to accept students who have completed the IB qualification. We will use UCAS Tariff scores to assess a student’s suitability. Subject specific requirements at Higher Level (HL) Grade 5 may apply. For clarity of entry requirements for the course you’re interested in, please contact the International Office.

Postgraduate programmes

Applicants meeting the following grade requirements with a four year Bachelor’s (BA) degree (Sarjana 1) from a recognised institution:

  • For 2:1:
    ‘A’ accredited universities require a grade of 3.0
    ‘B’ accredited universities require a grade of 3.5
  • For 2:2:
    ‘A’ accredited universities require a grade of 2.5
    ‘B’ accredited universities require a grade of 3.0

When we’re in Indonesia

We currently have no upcoming visits.

Contact Jack

Contact Jack Butler for any specific country enquiries, programme information, or details of tuition fees and scholarships.

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