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How The Aspire Programme benefits students

Taking part in The Aspire Programme will help you to gain specialist skills, knowledge, and experience that aligns to your career aspirations. The programme aims to propel your professional journey, providing the key to future success in your chosen field.

Morgan Branding team stood around a Mac


Placements will involve working on a project or specific duties within a company. A placement is an excellent opportunity to develop professional skills, sector-based knowledge and industry experience related to your aspirations.

Featured placement: Anna’s placement with Morgan Branding (a top Creative Marketing Agency) included obtaining real-world experience through development of a TikTok presence. Anna was responsible for increasing weekly engagements by 415%.

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Group of students sat in front of computers studying


An e-portfolio is a purposeful collection of your work and achievements. This evidence can then be used to demonstrate professional skill development and to display competencies to potential employers.

A group of animation students creating CGI

Taster sessions

Taster sessions will provide the opportunity to explore various graduate-level roles, supporting you in making better-informed decisions on your future career pathway.

mock interview room


Simulations will provide you with the opportunity to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real life-industry processes. Simulations will improve your critical and evaluative thinking skills through the creation of real-life scenarios.

Featured simulation: Policing and Law students collaborate in the Police Training and Simulation Facility (Crime House) to gather and analyse evidence and practice interview techniques used by the police through role play.

Live briefs

Live briefs will present a real-world problem and challenge you to work independently or as part of a dynamic team to devise creative solutions or ideas that can benefit the company and you by increasing your skillset.

Site visits

Gain exclusive access and valuable insights into the daily workings of a company while touring their facilities. From studios to laboratories to offices, be introduced to industry experts and develop your understanding of how theory is put into practice.

Featured site visit: Professional Policing students, taking part in the work-experience module on their third year, were presented with an amazing opportunity to meet Judge Steven Everett at Chester Crown Court.