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The Politics Lab – Student Guide

A voluntary project to build skills and experience. 

Politics students have a discussion at a roundtable

What is The Politics Lab?

The Politics Lab is a voluntary project for students on politics courses and others with a strong interest in politics, policy-making, or the media.

The Lab takes on and completes practical projects. Some projects are for clients in the world of politics. Other projects relate to opportunities such as Select Committee Inquiries.

What’s in it for me?

The Politics Lab will help you develop your skills and experience, and the valuable activities you will be involved with will benefit your degree learning and your future career prospects.

Anybody can talk about what an MP does, how a Committee works, and how legislation happens. This project allows you to show that you have been part of political projects. In other words, you can do more than just talk. Not only is this rewarding, but it provides clear evidence of ability and commitment. Involvement will allow you to gain knowledge and understanding of parts of the political, media, and policy-making process. This is also useful for module study and for future activities.

Subjects are chosen carefully. We identify projects which are likely to be of use or interest to our students. However, we are always open to ideas.

How does it work?

The Politics Lab will operate as a series of sessions on a Wednesday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm. 

If you take part, you will be expected to carry out some work outside of the Wednesday sessions and to maintain contact with those involved. Where there are small teams, you will agree on a group leader to make sure that communication takes place.

Politics Programme Leader, Paula Keaveney, will enrol students who are taking part onto a general area on Learning Edge, our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). This will make it easier to post relevant material.

Politics students at a roundtable discussion with Sir Lindsay Hoyle

There will be no scheduled Politics Lab sessions during Christmas, Easter holidays, or assessment weeks. However, there may be ad-hoc meetings during these times (either in person or online) to progress work. Should there be demand for this, there will be some Politics Lab activities during the Summer break. This is dependent on there being Parliamentary bodies wanting submissions and/or clients asking for help during this time.

Examples of work to date
Some of examples of our work to date include:
Future projects and clients (2023-2024)
Projects and clients scheduled for 2023-2024 include:

Need more information?

Prospective students, current students, local schools, and individuals interested in suggesting a project are welcome to contact the politics Programme Leader, Paula Keaveney.