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Discover – What can I do with my degree?

Criminology naturally aligns itself with careers related to the criminal justice system. Probation services, prison officers, police officers, restorative justice, working with victims of crime. Many criminology students also consider roles in the civil service, youth and community services, research, the legal sector, social work or teaching. Remember, you can also explore careers that don’t directly relate to your degree. Did you know that over 80% of graduate employers will recruit from any degree discipline?

Develop – Developing skills and experience

If you already have some career ideas, the next step will be to develop your skills and gain some experience to build your confidence and increase your knowledge. You may want to consider volunteering, part-time work or undertaking a placement to increase your chances of gaining graduate employment after completing your degree. It’s also a great way to try-out career paths to see what you enjoy and if it’s a good fit for you.

Compete – Getting ready to apply for work or postgraduate study

When you know what you want to do and you’re ready to apply, we have all the tools, tips and advice right here. You can also use this information to help you if you’re at an earlier stage of your career thinking and are applying for part-time work or work placements.

Complete this short online learning pathway to find out where to search online and get faster and more relevant job search results. Then search and apply for all opportunities on our vacancy portal or placements on InPlace.

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How to decide if postgraduate study is right for you, what you should consider and how to apply.

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Live opportunities

Take a look at the latest part-time jobs, placements, volunteering opportunities and graduate vacancies that may be of interest to Law, Criminology and Policing students. Select any of the following opportunities to find out more and apply, or search for other opportunities on our vacancy portal.

  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As an RAF Nurse, you will be providing direct nursing care in a variety of different clinical settings.  After Basic Training you will be assigned to work within one of the Joint Hospital Groups (JHGs) or alternatively the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine (RCDM). Typical responsibilities include: Aeromedical […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As an RAF Nursing Officer, you’ll be both a commissioned officer and a nurse. That means you will be trained to show leadership and management skills in a team environment, as well as providing excellent standards of nursing. Nursing Officers provide the highest standards of patient care […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 06-May-2024Location: England – Greater London.ABOUT THE BUSINESS:The Emerald Cultural Institute has a very clear mission statement: ‘People are at the heart of what we do. We provide a transformative educational and cultural experience within a positive, nurturing environment where both students and staff can grow and prepare to meet […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 31-Aug-2024Location: England – North West.*Please note, that this role is for an immediate start, so you must have graduated 2023 or earlier* About us At Clyde & Co, we're leaders in the Casualty market. Built on scale, unparalleled expertise and a new vision for making the most of AI, data and […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 01-Jun-2024Location: England – North West.About us At Clyde & Co, we're leaders in the Casualty market. Built on scale, unparalleled expertise and a new vision for making the most of AI, data and technology, our Casualty practice is the biggest in the UK. With 480 partners, 2400 lawyers, and […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.Who are we.  RAF Regiment protect and defend RAF platforms, RAF installations and the people who operate them, to enable the unrestricted delivery of Air and Space power.  As an RAF Regiment Gunner, you will specialise in combat tactics, weaponry, fieldcraft and force protection. You will be […]
  • Closing Date: 03-Jan-2027Location: Hybrid.We are currently looking for new members to join the Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) at most prisons across England and Wales. The IMB helps to ensure that proper standards of care and decency are maintained. Applicants do not need any special qualifications or experience as we will provide all […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.Can you stand the heat? Then get into the kitchen as an RAF Apprentice Chef. As a chef in the RAF, you will have a varied role, preparing food at five-star themed banquets one day and cooking in the field the next. Once fully trained you will […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As an RAF Air & Ground Steward you will have fantastic opportunities to travel the world. In your first tour you will work as Cabin Crew on the Voyager aircraft and later as part of our Specialist Field catering Squadron or work alongside industry partners in Military […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.The RAF can't operate without supplies of fuel and equipment. As an RAF Supplier you will be a vital part of all RAF operations in the UK and worldwide. You will be responsible for the management of RAF assets; from storage to distribution, ensuring the right kit […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.Logistics Movers are responsible for the movement of troops and cargo according to RAF operational needs. You will operate IT systems, load and unload transport aircraft and accompany cargo all over the world. It is a varied trade with an array of responsibilities. You could work in a […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.Want to become an RAF Driver? You will be fully trained to operate many vehicle types and gain professional qualifications and licenses at no cost. From cars to cranes and articulated trucks to specialist vehicles (such as aircraft refuellers) you will ensure RAF personnel, equipment and commodities are […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As an Electrician, you will be in charge of keeping the RAF fully powered. You’ll be essential in ensuring RAF aircraft are able to take off and complete their missions safely by maintaining and repairing the wide range of ground-based electric equipment used on RAF bases and […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are at the heart of everything we do, nothing starts without them. Imagine a world without your mobile phone, WiFi or social media. Imagine a world where you can’t trust that someone isn’t reading your personal messages. Our Cyberspace Communication Specialists are responsible […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As a Royal Air Force Weapon Technician, you will be responsible for arming our aircraft with weapons. You will also make sure all the weapons management and release systems are in full working order. Most weapons technicians spend their first tour of duty on a flying squadron […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As an Aircraft Technician (Avionics) you will keep our aircraft airborne by carrying out maintenance and repair work on the sophisticated electronic and on-board avionics Typical Responsibilities: Ensure the high performance of aircraft radar, communication, reconnaissance, and target acquisition equipment. Provide engineering support to aircraft systems that […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As a General Technician (Workshops) you will manufacture and repair parts for aircraft, vehicles and specialist equipment. You will be working in specifically equipped workshops and aircraft maintenance hangers. You will use manual and computer operated machinery like drilling, milling, cutting and forming equipment, you will manufacture […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.Your role as a People Specialist in the RAF will be diverse, exciting, and highly rewarding. Wherever the RAF is operational, there is a People Operations team ready to provide a professional service to personnel of all specialisations. In the People Specialisation you will be undertaking roles such […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As an aircraft engineering specialist, Aircraft Technicians (Mechanical) carry out maintenance and repair work on the airframe and propulsion systems on RAF aircraft such as: EnginesFlying Controls HydraulicsAir ConditioningLanding GearFuel If you work on our helicopters, you may also check rotor blades, rotor heads and transmission systems and […]
  • Closing Date: 00:00 30-Apr-2024Location: UK Nationwide.As a Communication Infrastructure Technician, you will ensure the RAF remains at the forefront of a progressive Cyber Engineering industry. You will provide communication to the RAF’s digital infrastructure ecosystems by installing and maintaining essential fibre optic and data communication cables, radome structures and antenna masts working […]

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