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Licensed by the College of Policing, our BSc (Hons) Professional Policing degree provides a pre-join route which focuses on key policing competencies as outlined in the National Policing Curriculum and approved within the Police Education Qualifications Framework. While successful completion of this degree will not guarantee recruitment to the police, it will greatly enhance your prospects of securing a role as a police constable or police staff.


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New for 2019, a dedicated Police Training and Simulation Facility (Crime House), part of which is to be furbished as a police station, will be used to simulate a wide range of crime scenes. This will enable Policing and Law students to work together in areas such as gathering and analysing evidence, including forensic evidence at crime scenes, as well as practicing interview techniques used by the police through role play, while also ensuring that the rights of suspects are upheld.

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In the most recent national assessment of research excellence, 84% of our published work was regarded as being internationally recognised and the impact of our research was described as being internationally excellent.

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Meet the staff who will shape your future study from enthusiastic lecturers to visiting professors and teaching assistants, each one dedicated to enhancing your learning experience.

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