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Rate Control and Post-Processing Algorithms of Satellite Advanced Video Transmission and Reception for Ultra-5G

Project leads: Professor Ray Sheriff, Dr Xutao Deng, Dr Hassan Malik.

  • Project dates: June 2022 – May 2024
  • Funding source: Royal Society
  • Amount: £12,000
Professor Ray Sheriff and engineers from Sichuan University stand outside Catalyst.

As fifth-generation (5G) networks are gradually being rolled-out and popularised throughout the world, attention is now turning to research and specification of the ultra-5G or sixth-generation network, which will aim to achieve the integration of terrestrial wireless and satellite communication networks. With the development of spectrally efficient and reliable communications and broadband network technology, video transmission has emerged as the dominant service offering.

Rate control and post-processing algorithms are important modules, which optimise the degree of signal fluctuation at the encoder and further improve the quality of the compressed video at the decoder. Therefore, research on rate control and post-processing algorithms based on ultra-5G technology via satellite is relevant to the needs of industry and the research community.