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Biology research

The research priorities in the Department of Biology spans three interlinked themes: Ecology, Genetics and Biomedical Science.

Ecology research priorities into forest adaptations to climate change, mitigating impacts of habitat change on biodiversity, conservation of species in rare habitats. Projects use plants, invertebrates and amphibians to explore how to sustainably manage grasslands and forests in different contexts across the globe.

Genetics and evolution research priorities include insect vectors of disease, plant evolution, divergent eukaryotic stress response mechanisms, soil microbiology and antibiotic discovery.

Biomedical Science research priorities include regulation of cell signalling in cancer and degenerative conditions, endocrine hormone expression, gene expression in specialised tissues involved in diseases of the brain, eye, skin, and others with translational potential to rare skin diseases, pregnancy complications, age-related conditions, wound healing, gene therapies and nanotherapeutics.

Across these biological sub-disciplines, we collaborate with researchers from around the Globe as well within Edge Hill University, utilising cutting-edge technologies. Take a look at our individual staff pages to find out more about our research specialisms and current projects.


PhD and MRes (Masters by Research

We offer both PhD and MRes (Masters by Research) opportunities across these research themes. Please direct initial enquiries about proposed projects to the lead supervisor or to our Research Degree contact for Biological Sciences:

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Projects offered for entry 2023

PhD projects
MRes projects